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Child’s spinal cord healed in Christmas miracle


Boy’s Christmas miracle recovery



A seven-year-old boy 

left paralysed after a cyst

destroyed everything but 

a “tiny thread” of his 

spinal cord has stunned 

doctors with a 

complete recovery.


Marko Dutschak from Murau, 

Austria, was paralysed from the 

chest down after the procedure 

to remove the cyst that had 

crushed his spinal cord.


Chief neurosurgeon 

Hans Georg Eder said: 

“The condition had left him with 

a spinal cord as thin as a piece 

of cotton thread. 

There was virtually nothing left.”


Local media has described the case as a Christmas miracle and neurosurgeon Eder said: 

“In medical terms we don’t talk of miracles,

but the boy’s recovery was not medically expected and is really a sensation. 

The cyst had completely surrounded the spinal cord, 

which was as thin as a thread inside it.

“Yet now he has learned to walk again. 

It illustrates to a remarkable extent the healing abilities of the very young that greatly surpass that of adults.”

His mum Sandra told local media how she arrived for a visit one morning and found Marco strolling on the balcony of his private hospital room.


She said: 

“This is the best 

Christmas present ever. 

We thought he would 

spend the rest of his life 

in a wheelchair.”


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