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Anne Hathaway: Shameless ploy for free publicity posing as ‘Wardrobe Malfunction’



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3 Responses to “Anne Hathaway: Shameless ploy for free publicity posing as ‘Wardrobe Malfunction’”

  1. What a Hottie!!!

  2. The pierced nip looks Photoshopped on –
    hatchet job imo.

    The see-thru top is only see-thru under flash photos,
    hence the last one under a super bright flash
    shows everything.

    The no underwear;
    her story of going commando because it was hot
    is as plausible as your publicity stunt idea,
    thigh I’m not sue why that picture got any attention;
    I don’t find it offensive,
    vulgar, arousing or anything in between –
    it’s just a bit of flesh!

    • Anne is flashing her naughty bits
      because she craves attention and
      The Internet goes crazy for anything
      that says “Wardrobe Malfunction”.

      The photo does not really show much
      of anything,
      just as she intended,
      yet she feels she is aging and
      needs the affirmation of her sexuality
      and the attention of panting fan boys.

      I suspect she gets a sexual thrill
      flashing the flesh and relives the
      attention over and over in her mind
      during her lovemaking and masturbation

      She can pretend to be shocked
      all she wants but I do not buy it
      for a second –
      i’m not faulting her,
      flashing the flesh is inbred
      in women just as leering at flesh is
      inbred in men.

      She has done it before and
      will do it again has have so
      many others desperate for
      attention and a sexual thrill.

      If Anne were a man instead of
      a woman,
      I could see her in a public
      park naked under an overcoat
      flashing women sitting on a park bench
      for sexual gratification.

      From a male point of view,
      I don’t mind her doing it,
      I would just like her to be
      honest and admit she gets her
      sexual thrills doing so.

      It is a sad role model example
      for young ladies and a desperate plea
      for attention,
      and with her talent she
      does not need to do it.

      Taylor Swift is much more sexy
      simply because Taylor is a lady
      who does not need to flaunt her
      naughty bits like a Kardashian.

      A woman’s sexuality comes from the
      not the outside,
      and all sex takes place
      inside the brain anyway.

      The mystery of a woman
      is what keeps the interest of a man.

      Once a man has ‘seen it all’
      the thrill can soon be gone
      and needs replaced with something
      of more depth.

      I still like Anne for her talents,
      but I will never believe her flash
      was an ‘accident’ –
      I’ve seen too much of this cheap
      ploy for media attention to be fooled
      ever again.

      She gets her sexual jollies this way,
      I understand that,
      and she must deny it but I’m not
      buying that for a second.

      The free publicity she garnered
      over this would cost millions.

      Thank You for the well thought out comments and
      Thank You for reading 22MOON!


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