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Wendy Williams strips naked for PETA


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2 Responses to “Wendy Williams strips naked for PETA”

  1. dude u should stop this republican lying u do,
    creating a whole web site with a lure of pictures
    of beyonce just so u can get people to look at
    your lies about Obama is pretty lame.
    How much does the Heritage foundation
    pay for this lame shit?
    maybe i could get some of that
    wasted money they put out.

    • Dear BSFIGHTER,
      I am not a Republican,
      I think Republicans are selling out America
      the same way the Democrats are,
      just at a slower pace.

      Feel free to state the facts you possess
      to disprove what I say about Obama and the
      then your facts will make me look like an
      idiot and you will convince people of your
      point of view.

      Unlike Media Matters and David Letterman
      and John Stewart and the Mainstream Media,
      I don’t get paid any money by anyone to
      spread my propaganda –
      I do not accept advertising money to
      be a paid shill to sell out America
      for thirty pieces of silver.

      Big Pharma and mega-rich Banksters
      do not pay me to spread propaganda
      which I call patriotism-
      I do what I do for love of America
      and The American Way.

      Do you think I get paid to expose the
      horrors of Female Genital Mutilation,
      the bias against gays lesbians and
      the terror of Acid Attacks against women,
      and Bride Burning,
      Dowry Deaths and Honor Killing?

      Do I accept money to warn people about
      the creeping Socialism happening in America,
      the drone murders making the world hate America,
      the bankrupting of the USA by fat cat politicians
      and Obama using the Cloward-Pivin strategy to
      bankrupt America to force a Communist Revolution?

      Do I accept cash to expose the danger of Ouija Boards
      and playing around with The Occult,
      dangers I learned about the hard way?

      Of course I use sexy photos of women who exploit
      their bodies for money,
      I exploit them to get more readers to read this website
      so I gan entice people to read the news and opinions
      the Mainstream Media hides from them.

      I learned that trick from the Mainstream Media.

      I am attempting to break through the brainwashing
      of the world to get to the few people left who
      seek out truth justice and The American Way.

      I have to feed the masses ice cream to trick
      them into eating their vegetables.

      If you see something I say about your beloved
      Obama or Hollywood icons or Democrats that is
      a lie,
      feel free to state your facts and prove me wrong,
      I will print your views and your findings and
      we will let the readers decide.

      If you don’t mind Obama lying to your face
      then prove me wrong with your facts and make
      me look stupid in front of the world –
      I will print that.

      You can even start your own website with zero
      money and zero help the way I did,
      then when you start getting over two million hits
      a year like I do you can convince people to listen
      to your Left-Wing Propaganda-
      you can accept advertising (which I don’t)
      and sell your soul to the highest bidders
      for a few dollars.

      I work many hours a day every day putting
      these stories out and I get ZERO Money for it,
      I get no applause.

      King Obama is lame, not I.
      The Democrats and most of
      the Republicans are lame,
      not I.

      I am fighting for your rights
      and you don’t even know it,
      I’m fighting for you and all
      the other dumb masses who are

      I’m glad you posted your comments,
      now I know I must be on the right track.

      Please feel free to comment on this site anytime,
      and reward the readers with your keen insight
      and your facts and the sources where you found them.

      Use your genius to make me look stupid and
      protect your Dictator Obama who is taxing you
      into the poor house.

      Your comments are always welcome BSFIGHTER –
      Thank You for your comments and
      Thank You for reading 22MOON!


      P.S. – God Bless America

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