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United Nations Fascists ramrod Climate Change agenda



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Report: Democrats
Refuse to Allow Skeptic
to Testify Alongside
Gore At Congressional
by Marc Morano
April 23rd, 2009
UK’s Lord Christopher Monckton,
a former science advisor to
Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher,
claimed House Democrats have
refused to allow him to appear
alongside former Vice President
Al Gore at a high profile
global warming hearing on
Friday April 24, 2009
at 10am in Washington.
Monckton told Climate Depot
that the Democrats rescinded
his scheduled joint appearance
at the House Energy and
Commerce hearing on Friday.
Monckton said he was informed
that he would not be allowed
to testify alongside Gore when
his plane landed from England
Thursday afternoon.
“The House Democrats
don’t want Gore humiliated,
so they slammed the door
of the Capitol in my face,”
Monckton told Climate Depot
in an exclusive interview.
“They are cowards.”
According to Monckton,
Energy & Commerce Committee,
had invited him to go head to
head with Gore and testify at
the hearing on Capitol Hill Friday.
But Monckton now says that
when his airplane from London
landed in the U.S. on Thursday,
he was informed that the
former Vice-President had
“chickened out” and there
would be no joint appearance.
Gore is scheduled to testify
on Friday to the Subcommittee on
fourth day of hearings on the
American Clean Energy and
Security Act of 2009.
The hearing will be held in 2123
Rayburn House Office Building.
According to Monckton,
House Democrats told the
Republican committee staff
earlier this week that they
would be putting forward
an unnamed ‘celebrity’ as
their star witness Friday at
a multi-panel climate hearing
examining the House
global warming bill.
The “celebrity” witness
turned out to be Gore.
Monckton said the GOP
replied they would respond
to the Democrats’ “celebrity”
with an unnamed “celebrity”
of their own.
But Monckton claims that
when the Democrats were
told who the GOP witness
would be,
they refused to allow him
to testify alongside Gore.
Update: 1:55 PM EST:
A GOP House source told
Climate Depot that the Democrats on
the Committee said “absolutely not”
to allowing Monckton to appear
during today’s Gore hearing.
The GOP committee “pushed
at multiple levels” to bring Monckton
in to testify but the Democrats
according to the GOP source.
Former GOP House Speaker
Newt Gingrich was called in to
testify after Monckton was rejected
by the committee Democrats,
according to the Congressional
“The Democrats have a lot
to learn about the right of
free speech under the
US Constitution.”
“Congress Henry Waxman’s
(D-CA) refusal to expose
Al Gore’s sci-fi comedy-horror
testimony to proper,
independent scrutiny by the
House minority reeks
of naked fear,”
Monckton said from
the airport Thursday evening.
“Waxman knows there has
been no ‘global warming’
for at least a decade.
Waxman knows there has
been seven and
a half years’ global cooling.
Waxman knows that,
in the words of the UK High
Court judge who condemned
Gore’s mawkish movie
as materially, seriously,
serially inaccurate,
‘the Armageddon scenario
that he depicts is not based
on any scientific view,’”
Monckton explained.
Monckton has previously
testified before the House
Committee in March.
Monckton has also publicly
challenged Gore to a debate.
A call to the Democratic
office of the House Energy
and Commerce Committee
seeking comment was
not immediately returned
Thursday night.
Lord Monckton                Al Gore
35 Inconvenient Truths:

The Errors In
Al Gore’s Movie
by Lord Monckton
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