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Doctor Phil; Fascist Dictator



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“Dr. Phil cheated on his wife 

Robin with me!”         

A former employee of the Phil told
The National Enquirer in their 
October 2008 issue in a story written 
by Alan Smith.
The woman claims she and the 
TV doc got hot and heavy on more 
than one in his office!
The affair mate claims she 
sat on Phil’s lap while he fondled 
her and talked to Robin on the 
phone at the same time.
When she complained 
about his behavior,
Dr. Phil snapped,
“Oh , grow up, Minnie Mouse!”
“Dr. Phil cheated on Robin 
with me!
She knew about it, 
and I’m sure they fought
over it.  I saw the tension 
between them.”
The former patient of Dr. Phil 
claimed to the Enquirer in an 
exclusive interview.

The other woman was a 19 year 
old college student when Phil first 
started treating
 her in 1984.
She claims he became sexually 
abusive a year later when she 
began working for 
him as an intern.
“Robin seemed needy – 
and I think
that’s why she was willing 
to tolerate Dr.Phil’s 
extramarital activities.
“I could tell there was some 
sort of agreement between them – 
‘you’re in control of this and I’m in
control of that.’
It was like they were playing 
power games with each other.”

“I think Robin had low self 
esteem and was trapped.
I felt bad for her that she didn’t 
have the strength to get out
of the marriage.”
“He never once discussed his 
marriage with me, 
but I think he was strangely
happy with Robin because she 
was his trophy wife.
She looked cute and did 
anythinghe wanted.”
The woman claimed.
“His cheating had nothing to 
do with me or Robin.  
I was just there.
He was using me.”

“When I asked how his wife 
would feel about what we were 
doing, he sort of 
smirked and said,
“Oh, grow up, Minnie Mouse.
This is the real world.
No big deal.”
The woman said she was a 
college sophomore home for the 
summer when she first went to 
see him in Wichita Falls, Texas.
The sexual abuse began a year 
later when she began working 
for him as an intern and he was 
still seeing her as a patient, 
according to her claims.
“There was never intercourse,
but a lot of sexual touching.
There were times when he 
couldn’t keep his hands off me.”

“He’d pull me down to sit in his 
lap while he talked on the phone
to patients, other doctors, even
his wife!
Sometimes Robin would be 
on the speakerphone while 
I was in his lap.”
“He’d be running his hand up 
and down the inside of my thigh 
all the way up to my panties.
He’s put his hands between my legs.
He’d reach in my blouse and touch
my breasts.
He loved to rub my pelvic bone.
I would just freeze when he 
touched me.
I never touched him back.”
“When he’d undress in front of 
me and i’d turn my head way, 
he’d say,
‘What’s the big deal?’
He was always talking about sex.
He was hypersexed.”

The woman said she felt like a
pedophile victim and finally 
reported him to the Texas State 
Board of Examiners of 
After investigating him for 
a full year, 
the board determined 
he’d engaged in unprofessional 
Dr. Phil reached an agreement 
with the board, agreeing that 
he would be publicly reprimanded 
and his practice would be 
supervised for a year.
And Robin never forgave 
her for going to the authorities 
about her cheating husband, 
the woman says.
“She’d walk by the house in 
Wichita Falls where I’d lived 
with my mother, 
and stare at her.  
It was like she was blaming 
my family for me coming 
forward with my

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