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ACORN survives in disguise

November 26, 2012

. ____GREEN link below   Former Employee:  ACORN Still Alive  and Well ______GREEN link below ACORN OFFICIAL GRABS $445 MILLION GRANT FROM OBAMAADMIN .

‘Cleaning Fairy’ gets one year probation

November 26, 2012

. ____GREEN link below . -__Ohio’s ‘cleaning fairy‘  __gets 1 year of probation _____– Yahoo! News .

PRAVDA calls Obama a Communist

November 26, 2012

. ____GREEN link below . ___Russian News Outlet  -__Pravda (Previously the  ____Official Press of the  ___USSR) Labels Obama  -____a ‘Communist’ in  ._____Scathing OpEd  _____| TheBlaze.com

Lindsay Lohan’s IRS bill slashed by Charlie Sheen

November 26, 2012

. ____GREEN link below . Report: Sheen  Slashes Lohan‘s  IRS bill .

‘Liz & Dick’ movie highlights

November 26, 2012

. ____GREEN link below . Here Are the Highlights  of Lindsay Lohan‘s  Atrocious Acting in Liz & Dick   2 GREEN links below . __Lindsay Lohan‘s new  -___film Liz & Dick is  _‘unbearably hilarious’ .__say critics | The Sun . . ____Lindsay Lohan in  ._‘Liz & Dick‘: TV Review ._– Hollywood Reporter  

Halle Berry Thanksgiving Day brawl triggers child protection investigation

November 26, 2012

. __2 GREEN links below . _HALLE BERRY ABUSE -___INVESTIGATION –  ___The National Enquirer . ___Halle Berry shows the strain  _____as it’s revealed daughter  -_____Nahla ‘will become the  -___subject of a Child Protection  ______Services investigation’  _________| Mail Online ____GREEN link below .   Olivier Martinez steps out with a bloody hand after  brutal brawl with Halle  Berry‘s […]

Monstrous ‘Solar Maximum’ may be trigger for The Zombie Apocalypse

November 26, 2012

The same scientists who believe that a large solar strike could lead to a very rapid societal breakdown say that steps to avoid the problem are available and at a relatively low cost to all of us. What is a “relatively low cost?” They estimate the amount of money needed to insulate the power grid (and ourselves) from trouble to be less than one dollar per American. But Congress said “no” to their proposal.

Is there really cause for concern?

Over the next fourteen months Earth will be on high alert for a huge burst of electromagnetic energy from the sun. This powerful pulse is known as a “Solar Maximum” – an event that could cause catastrophic damage to power grids and communications systems. The peak time for the next big flare is sometime between now and the end of 2013. This possibility has scientists at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) on alert. Tom Bogdan, the director of NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Center, is monitoring the situation as closely as possible.

Married BBC News Channel stars reveal their torrid affair

November 26, 2012

Even amidst the battle-weary staff of the BBC, Cupid’s bow will not be deflected it seems. Indeed, two popular presenters on the Beeb’s 24-hour news channel — suave Tim Willcox and charming Sophie Long — have found themselves suddenly smitten with each other.

Unfortunately, there is a teeny problem: they are both married.

The couple, who have co-presented in the past, have been close chums for some time.

Where will you be the night of The Mayan Apocalypse?

November 26, 2012

. ____GREEN link below . –Where to spend the night __of Mayan Apocalypse?  _______– pravda.ru .