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ABC station screws up the name of Homewrecker Broadwell’s book

November 13, 2012

Instead of calling Paula Broadwell’s biography of former CIA director David Petraeus by its correct title, “All In,” ABC Denver calls Petraeus’ biography: “All Up In My Snatch.” Seriously. The local station has now confirmed the mistake.

“Socialism is most miserable for the few who pay for it” Rash Manly

November 13, 2012

  .   .-_“The inherent vice of capitalism __is the unequal ____sharing of ____blessings; __.the inherent ______virtue __of socialism is the equal sharing ___of miseries.” __Winston Churchill

Teachers flock to Marxist conference

November 13, 2012

waiting for superman

General John Allen accused of naughty e-mails to Jill ‘Brick Outhouse’ Kelley

November 13, 2012

A second top military official has been dragged in to the David Petraeus sex scandal after being accused of sending thousands of ‘inappropriate’ emails to the socialite who was responsible for exposing the former CIA director’s extra-marital affair.

General John R. Allen, commander of U.S. and NATO troops in Afghanistan, is under investigation by the FBI after the agency discovered between 20,000 and 30,000 pages of communication between him and 37-year-old housewife Jill Kelley.

Kelley entered the public eye when she was the target of threatening emails from Paula Broadwell, which the FBI used to uncover the affair between Broadwell and Petraeus, leading to the former general’s resignation from the CIA.

Allen, 58, who is married with two daughters, succeeded Petraeus in Afghanistan and was due to take over as NATO’s top commander – his appointment has been suspended while his relationship with Kelley is investigated.

Who stole the new $100 dollar bills?

November 13, 2012

Newly designed 100 dollar bills stolen while in transit

Lena Dunham ‘Glamor Woman Of The Year’ for losing her virginity to Obama

November 13, 2012

Nothing says class and glamour quite like comparing voting for the first time to losing your virginity. And nothing says grace and style like winning a national award for doing so. Now, the epitome of class, glamour, grace and style – Lena Dunham, who cut the infamous Obama campaign commercial suggesting that sleeping with Obama and voting for him were one and the same – has won Glamour’s “Woman of the Year Award.” In fact, Glamour labels her The Voice of a Generation. To which the American people reply: we’ll sell our bonds.

Denise Richards adopts a puppy in wake of the Frankenstorm

November 13, 2012

Denise Richards adopted a puppy this week as part of her effort to encourage animal adoption in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

Richards visited the North Shore Animal League America shelter in Long Island, New York with her two daughters this week and ended up adopting a black Labrador mix named Tara.

Petraeus scandal breaks just before he was to testify about Benghazi

November 13, 2012

During Tuesday’s broadcast, Glenn Beck delved into the developing sex scandal involving David Petraeus, former director of the CIA. The former four-star general resigned his CIA post last week after acknowledging an extramarital affair.

However, the timing of his resignation — just days before he was scheduled to testify before Congress about the Benghazi terrorist attack — seems a little too coincidental, Beck explained.

“Petraeus was set to be the key witness in the Benghazi testimony this week,” he said. “But wouldn’t you know it, the FBI…accidentally stumbled upon some private emails and determined that he was having an affair.”

“What are the odds?”

“A man with a Mistress serves two Masters” – Rash Manly

November 13, 2012

FBI agents raided the Dilworth, North Carolina home of Paula Broadwell, the woman accused of having an affair with former CIA Director Gen. David Petraeus Monday night. Petraeus resigned last Friday, citing his infidelity.
Local stations WSOC, WCNC, and WBTV reported the FBI confirmed its agents were inside Broadwell’s home, but nearly a dozen agents on scene “would not confirm what they were looking for” as they were “carrying boxes and taking photographs inside the home.” Several reporters relayed what they saw at the home through Twitter as it happened.
Broadwell was Petraeus’s biographer and may have started her affair with him while embedded with the general in Afghanistan. Broadwell allegedly sent threatening emails from a dummy account to a Florida woman, Jill Kelley, which Kelley reported to the FBI. An FBI investigation discovered Broadwell was having an affair with Petraeus after the menacing emails were traced to accounts associated with her. Broadwell had supposedly suspected Kelley was romantically involved with Petraeus and was apparently jealous of her.

Aspartame strangely approved by the FDA

November 13, 2012

On Oct. 24, NBC news put out an article attempting to refute a recent study, conducted jointly with Harvard Medical School and published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, that found that drinking as little as one diet soda sweetened with Aspartame per day could cause an increased risk of leukemia and lymphoma in adults.

Claiming the study was “weak science,” NBC news failed to mention the fact that this latest study is the most thorough on aspartame to date, involving more than 2 million years of human life data spanning 22 years from more than 77,000 women and 48,000 men.
The NBC story also claims “Few reporters read that journal,” in reference to American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, even though it was selected by the Special Libraries Association as one of the top 100 most influential journals in Biology and Medicine over the last 100 years.