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Obama supporters party in NYC while city suffers

November 1, 2012

It was definitely a scary 48 hours for the inhabitants of New York.

But now that Hurricane Sandy has moved away from the East Coast, it’s back to business for most New Yorkers, including Bette Midler.

The veteran actress and singer continued her life as usual and celebrated her yearly extravagant celebrity ‘Hulaween’ bash on Wednesday night in the storm-struck city.

Obama’s favorite TV show is ‘Homeland’

November 1, 2012

As voters head to the polls in mere days, Obama shares 5 things you didn’t know about him with Us.
1. Michelle and I have officially (and famously) been on a Kiss Cam. But our first kiss was outside of a Baskin-Robbins ice cream shop in Chicago’s Hyde Park.
2. I was once bear-hugged by a Republican pizza shop owner in Florida. I thought it was hilarious, but I’m not sure how the Secret Service felt about it.
3. Homeland is my favorite TV show.
4. Malia entered high school this year. I’m not looking forward to when she’s old enough to go to prom.
5. I voted early in Chicago. No matter who you’re voting for, there’s no reason to stay home and not make your voice heard in this election. Find out how you can vote early at GottaVote.com.

Security was stripped in Benghazi before the final attack

November 1, 2012

Data points continue to accumulate about the September 11, 2012 attack on the U.S. mission in Benghazi, Libya. The picture that is beginning to emerge from connecting those dots is deeply concerning on multiple levels. Two related issues dominate this analysis: The stripping of security protection from the Benghazi mission prior to the 9/11 anniversary attack and the refusal to send or even permit local help on the night of the attack.

Chris Brown Halloween costume: Terrorist

November 1, 2012

R&B sensation Chris Brown sure can dance, but he’s a little shaky in the P.R. department.
Brown, known for assaulting girlfriend and fellow singing star Rihanna, dropped by her Halloween party last night in a rather politically incorrect costume. He wore a turban, sunglasses, flowing robes and a faux machine gun. In short, the cliche of what an Arab terrorist typically dons.
“Ain’t nobody F–king wit my clique!!! #ohb,” Chris tweeted, linking to an Instagram shot of himself and four pals posing threateningly for the camera.

Obama’s war on the Middle Class

November 1, 2012

Barack Obama has based much of his re-election campaign on the issue of “fairness” and especially the charge that “the rich” are not paying enough in taxes. Creating a straw man to blame for one’s own failures is a classic political ploy, but it raises the question of whether Obama himself has been “fair” to the middle class. With less income, fewer jobs, and mediocre economic growth since Obama took office, the answer is that he has not.
Since Obama claims that he is the champion of the middle class, what does his record actually show? Quite simply that middle-class household incomes have declined by $4,500, while the wealth of his billionaire friends has increased.
None of those billionaire buddies has done more for the president than George Soros, a major contributor to Obama’s 2008 campaign and funder of a host of liberal organizations, most importantly Moveon.org. According to Forbes magazine, Soros is the 15th-wealthiest person in America. In mid-2008, his wealth was $9 billion, but that was before the election of his protégé. By mid-2012, it had increased to $19 billion. So while the average Joe saw his family income decline by 10%, billionaires like Soros saw theirs more than double.

Jessica Simpson’s Dad’s alleged Gay Lover tells all

November 1, 2012

In a shocking and disturbing world exclusive, a man claiming to be one of JOE SIMPSON’s gay lovers shares salacious details about their night of sex together at a posh New York hotel!

Long-haired male escort Joey Anderson told The ENQUIRER that he had a steamy three-hour sex tryst with Jessica Simpson’s 54-year-old father in a 1,000-a-night suite at the Mandarin Oriental hotel.

Joey, who passed a polygraph about the sexual encounter, believes that Joe found his number on one of several gay websites where he advertises his services.

Last week, The ENQUIRER broke the bombshell story that Joe, a former Baptist preacher, came out of the closet to his family last summer, prompting Tina, his wife of 34 years, to file for divorce.

Now, Joey is kissing and telling all about his night of unprotected passion with Joe, who went by the name “Jack.”

The Obama-Islamist alliance exposed by Benghazi-Gate

November 1, 2012

The nature of the Benghazi disaster is now clear. Ambassador Stevens was engaged in smuggling sizable quantities of Libyan arms from the destroyed Gaddafi regime to the Syrian rebels, to help overthrow the Assad regime in Syria. Smuggling arms to the so-called “Free Syrian Army” is itself a huge gamble, but Obama has been a gambler with human lives over the last four years, as shown by the tens of thousands of Arabs who have died in the so-called Arab Spring — which has brought nothing but disaster to the Arab world.
For the last four years, the Obama policy has been to offer aid and comfort violent Islamic radicals in the delusional belief that their loyalty can be bought. We therefore betrayed Hosni Mubarak, our 30-year ally in Egypt, so that the Muslim Brotherhood led by Muhammed Morsi could take over. Obama indeed demanded publicly that Mubarak resign, for reasons that never made any sense at all. Egypt went into a political and economic tailspin, and the Muslim Brotherhood were elected. The Muslim radicals have now purged the only other viable political force, the army and police, to protect their monopoly on power. We have colluded in that betrayal.
In Libya, we betrayed Moammar Gaddafi, who had surrendered his nuclear program to the Bush administration. In Afghanistan, we betrayed the central government set up by the Bush administration and negotiated with the fanatical war sect of the Taliban to take over. The Taliban entered our history when they gave safe haven to Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda in the years before 9/11/01 to plan, train, equip, and implement the terrorist attack on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. The Taliban are our fanatical theological enemy, as shown by their sadistic attempt to assassinate 14-year-old women’s rights advocate Malala Yousuf.
Afghanistan has many thousands of Malalas we will never hear about.
Our consistent policy of betrayal of moderate Muslims in favor of radical Islamofascists goes hand-in-hand with our appeasement of the Iranian Khomeinist regime, which is the most America-hating Shiite regime, now facing competition from America-hating Sunni regimes in Egypt and elsewhere. It also fits our cooperation with Turkey’s “neo-Ottoman” regime, which has also purged the Turkish army and police to remove modern-minded Turks from power. Egypt and Iran will soon have nuclear weapons and delivery vehicles.
We have therefore followed a single “community disorganizing” policy toward the Muslim world, consisting of betraying moderates to bring theocratic fascists to power. Obama “explained” that policy in a publicized argument with Hillary Clinton at the White House when Mubarak was overthrown. His explanation? Fascist revolutions are “organic,” and therefore more stable than moderate revolutions. Obama’s fantasy policy runs contrary to U.S. foreign policy since World War I.
The biggest loser in this mad administration has been hundreds of millions women of the Muslim world, who were on a path to modernity and freedom until Obama and Hillary Clinton betrayed them. Today they are shut inside the prisons of sharia law.
The second-biggest loser has been relative stability in a great geographical swath of the Muslim world, from Afghanistan and Pakistan across the Middle East, all the way to Tunisia and Morocco.
The third-biggest loser has been our anti-proliferation policy against the spread of weapons of mass destruction among developing nations. From fighting proliferation, we have turned to aiding it.
Those three Horsemen of the Apocalypse are now out of the barn and riding free.

Rihanna’s BFF posts racial slur against Chris Brown’s flame Karrueche Tran

November 1, 2012

Getty Images
Despite Rihanna’s claim that what happens in her relationship with Chris Brown is between them, her BFF Melissa Forde took to Twitter to give her two cents.

ThatGrapeJuice.Net reports Forde addressed the much-publicized love triangle between RiRi, Brown and his ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran. The F.A.M.E. crooner recently announced his split from Tran, only to be seen still canoodling with her and the “We Found Love” singer.

Forde lashed out at Tran’s fans via Twitter, calling her the derogatory name “rice cake.”

Johnny Depp wooing ex girlfriend Amber Heard

November 1, 2012

JOHNNY DEPP could probably trump in a paper bag and grown women would still treasure it like their first-born.
So AMBER HEARD had no chance of resisting his advances when her ex cracked out some poems to win her back.

The actress had vowed to stay single after her split from the Hollywood star but crumbled after he sent her a handwritten poem and a bouquet of roses every day through September.

Last month the actress finally cracked and flew to his private island, Little Hall’s Pond Cay in the Bahamas, for a mini-break.

A source said: “Although Amber and Johnny have electric chemistry, she felt that as they are both out of long-term relationships, they needed to be single for a while.

“Johnny didn’t give up though — he missed her so much over the summer. They both love literature and the way he tried to win her back totally worked.

“Once they flew to his island in the Bahamas for a romantic break a couple of weeks ago, they were back on as a couple. Johnny’s the type to fall hard and he’s vowed not to let a girl like Amber, who’s beautiful and intelligent, slip through his fingers.”

Frankenstorm Sandy looters brag on Twitter

November 1, 2012

Several brazen thugs have robbed their neighbors and their local shops of everything from basic food stuffs to expensive electronics and they are taking to Twitter to broadcast their spoils.

‘Check out this laptop I scored,’ SevenleafB tweeted earlier today. ‘It’s easy just reach out an grab it.’ It appears the looters are organizing through the hashtag #SANDYLOOTCREW.

Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz has now called on New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to put a stop to the crime-wave sweeping South Brooklyn.