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Trashy Movie Saturday Night VII

September 1, 2012

Trashy Movie Saturday Night Triple Feature – ‘Atom Age Vampire’ – ‘Bloodsuckers’ and ‘ ‘Midnight’

Cheryl Cole distracts drivers worse than texting

September 1, 2012

CHERYL Cole should ban Will.i.am from talking about space when he next offers her a lift.
She’s revealed the Black Eyed Peas star was banging on about his song being broadcast back to earth from Mars when his Cadillac crashed into a parked car in the early hours of Wednesday.

The Geordie singer spoke for the first time about her LA car smash yesterday while promoting her new tour.

When asked if Will was a bad driver, she said: “A bad talker, I would say. He was talking the face off us.”

Referring to Reach For The Stars becoming the first song to be broadcast back to Earth from the red planet, Cheryl continued: “He was talking about Nasa and Mars and his song.”

As revealed exclusively in The Sun yesterday and on Thursday, Will and Cheryl were heading back from a late-night trip to McDonald’s when The Voice coach smashed up his motor.

Facebook addiction more common among females

September 1, 2012

Facebook addiction more common among females

Clint Eastwood dares tell Emperor Obama the Emperor wears no clothes

September 1, 2012

-_2 GREEN links below . EASTWOOD AT RNC: “MAKE MY DAY!” –  The National Enquirer .   . Media Elites  Underestimate  a Conservative  Actor – Again .   Eastwood thinks  political correctness  has made  society humourless   YAHOO News February 27th, 2009 . . Acting legend Clint Eastwood ,  79, apparently believes that  political correctness has rendered  modern society […]