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Democrats are sore winners

June 29, 2012

According to his Twitter feed, Greg Greene is the New Media Outreach Director for the Democratic National Committee. He’s since deleted the Tweet, but nothing ever really goes away on the InterWebNets:

Mark Levine blasts Obamacare

June 29, 2012

Obamacare the largest tax increase in the history of the world

Sarah Palin: Obamacare the largest tax hike in history

June 29, 2012

Thank you, SCOTUS. This Obamacare ruling fires up the troops as America’s eyes are opened! Thank God.

This proves to be such an unsettling time in America as we undergo the fundamental transformation that Barack Obama promised he would do to us if elected. Obamacare was dealt in deception and confusion by flooding the public with an overwhelming amount of conflicting “rationale” via thousands of pages of unread legislative detail, which is the radical left’s M.O. Obama promised the American people this wasn’t a tax and that he’d never raise taxes on anyone making less than $250,000. We now see that this is the largest tax increase in history. It will slam every business owner and every one of the 50% of Americans who currently pay their taxes. The other 50% are being deceived if they think they’re going to get a free ride – because Medicaid is broke. Recipients of Obama’s “free health care” will have fewer choices and less accessibility. Trust me – this much more expensive health care WILL be rationed; to claim otherwise defies all economic and common sense.

Big Brother Obama gone after election unless he declares Martial Law

June 28, 2012

As The New York Post has aptly pointed out, ObamaCare is a sick joke.

Socialized Medicine approved by the Supreme Court

June 28, 2012

Supreme Court UPHOLDS Obama’s healthcare reforms in historic decision – but rules ‘individual mandate’ is a TAX

Obamacare the largest tax increase in history

June 28, 2012

Before I weigh in too deeply on the current healthcare debate I would like to make it clear that I am neither a Democrat or Republican, nor do I consider myself a liberal or conservative. The only alignment I wish to make for myself is with freedom, liberty, and a basic respect for the Constitution.
Let me begin by saying that I am actually quite open to the idea of a single payer healthcare system here in the United States. I have heard proposals that I believe could achieve the goal of healthcare for every American without raising taxes and without the Federal or State governments being involved in the doctor -patient decision-making process. Of course, these proposals have been scrapped and ignored from the very beginning. But, as I say that I am open to the single payer system, it may surprise many that I am opposed to the current healthcare bill generating so much debate around the country. So, let me explain myself.

Death Panels here we come

June 28, 2012

Obamacare survives – freedom dies

Hillary Clinton’s close connection to The Muslim Brotherhood

June 28, 2012

_______GREEN link below Why Is Sec. Clinton Giving Hundreds of Millions of Dollars to Muslim Brotherhood? . _______GREEN link below The Muslim Brotherhood and Weiner .

More than a third of Americans believe in Space Aliens

June 28, 2012

More than a third of people in the U.S. believe aliens exist – and more than 10 per cent of the population believes they have seen an alien ship in the sky.

The study from National Geographic Channel found that 80 million Americans – or 36 per cent – are certain alien spaceship exist, and of those who believe, 79 per cent are convinced the White House has kept information about other lifeforms a secret.

If an alien knocked on the door, 22 per cent would try to befriend the alien, 15 per cent would run away, 13 per cent would lock their doors, and, reassuringly, only 2 per cent would try to inflict bodily harm.

Obama even scares Space Aliens

June 28, 2012

Nearly two in three Americans think President Barack Obama is better suited than Republican rival Mitt Romney to deal with an alien invasion, according to a survey released Wednesday.

National Geographic Channel contacted 1,114 adults across the United States last month for its fanciful opinion poll ahead of its new cable television documentary series “Chasing UFOs.”

Thirty-six percent of respondents said they were certain that unidentified flying objects exist. Eleven percent were confident they had spotted a UFO, and 20 percent said they knew someone who claimed to have seen one.

With Obama facing re-election in November, 65 percent said Obama would be more adept than Romney to respond to an alien invasion, with women and younger Americans more likely than men and over-65s to agree with that prospect.

National Geographic Channel said the results of the email and online “Aliens Among Us” survey dovetailed with the research underpinning “Chasing UFOs” which premieres Friday with Texas and Colorado residents describing their encounters with mysterious flying objects.

The poll had a margin of error of 2.9 percent.