You can see the whole Earth from the Moon!

Big Brother Obama gone after election unless he declares Martial Law


Obama ObamaCare Links

Dictator Obama,

Komrad Pelosi and the

Power Mad Democrats

say to Hell with the

American people

Big Brother Obama says

Socialized Medicine Or Else!

Why Americans Fear

Government Run Health Care

Obama Does Not Care

Healthcare lies by

Democrat guys exposed

Democrats Velvet Revolution

has taken control of America

Bye Bye Blue

Dog Democrats!

White House lies

about health care!

Part five by Ann Coulter

ObamaCare lies exposed:

Part Three by Ann Coulter!

Elderly man protesting

ObamaCare has finger bitten

off by pro Obama protester

at healthcare rally!

ObamaCare will insure

mega million dollar personal

profits for select Democrats!

American peasants –

do not protest ObamaCare

or else!


who needs surgery when

you can take a painkiller!

Obama’s health

care lies exposed!


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