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School sex perverts often get away with it

June 26, 2012

Kristen Cunnane, was 11 in middle school in Moraga, Calif., when she was pursued, lured, enticed and threatened into a sexual “relationship” with a female coach at school.

It lasted through high school and would have continued had not Kristen met a young man with whom she fell in love. The coach was so aggressive that she stalked Kristen, even as she dated the young man.

Gay Rights legend arrested on child porn charges

June 26, 2012

Larry Brinkin, the gay activist who led the fight to get San Francisco to recognize domestic partnerships, was arrested for child pornography today. Items seized from his home included computers, videos, tapes, and discs. He had been a long-time employee of the Human Rights Commission, and a central figure in the gay rights movement. The San Francisco board of supervisors actually gave a “Larry Brinkin Week” in February 2010 upon his retirement.

Armageddon fun facts

June 26, 2012

For generations Christians researching the biblical prophecies about the end times have eyed Russia with askance, wondering just how and when that expected attack from the north on Israel would be launched, the attack marking the beginning of the end.

But the author of new book, “Mideast Beast: The Scriptural Case of an Islamic Antichrist,” says believers should forget Russia, and instead worry about Turkey.

Teachers help Big Pharma push legal drugs to children

June 26, 2012

Teachers have been blamed for the record number of children prescribed ‘chemical cosh’ drugs such as Ritalin.

There are now some 650,000 eight to 13-year-olds on the drug or its equivalents.

This marks an astonishing rise, up from 92,700 in 1997 and just 9,000 in 1990, according to NHS figures.

Yesterday it emerged the vast majority of the children were given the potent drug on the instruction of their teacher.

Critics say staff are too quick to suggest a visit to the doctor if their pupils get restless – in an effort to keep ­control of the classroom. And experts warned of the damage inflicted on ‘developing minds’.

Amphetamine-like Ritalin is prescribed to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, by increasing alertness and improving aspects of ­concentration and memory.

Tom Burkard, of the Centre for Policy Studies think-tank, said: ‘Due to health and safety regulations and unstimulating education techniques, kids are expected to sit still at a desk for six to eight hours

a day. To think they will not fidget and get

restless is completely unrealistic.

70 Facts Obama does not want you to know

June 26, 2012

Why is the economy going to collapse? Have you ever been asked that question? If so, what did you say? Sometimes it is difficult to communicate dozens of complicated economic and financial concepts in a package that the average person on the street can easily digest. It can be very frustrating to know that something is true but not be able to explain it clearly to someone else. Hopefully many of you out there will find the list below useful. It is a list of 70 numbers that show why we are headed for a national economic nightmare. So why does the title of the article single out Barack Obama? Well, it is because right now he is the biggest cheerleader for the economy. He is attempting to convince all of us that everything is just fine and that the economy is heading in a positive direction. Well, the truth is that everything is not fine and things are about to get a whole lot worse. Certainly others should share in the blame as well. Congress has been steering the economy in the wrong direction for decades, the “too big to fail” banks have turned Wall Street into a pyramid of risk, leverage and debt, and the Federal Reserve has more power over the financial system than anyone else does. Our economy has been in decline for quite a while now, and soon we are going to smash directly into an economic brick wall. Unfortunately, a lot of Americans are in denial about this. A lot of people out there doubt that an economic collapse is coming. Well, if you know someone that believes that the U.S. economy is going to be “just fine”, just show them the list below.

Russia Россия extends detention for ‘Pussy Riot’

June 26, 2012

A Russian court on Wednesday extended by a month the detention of female members of the Pussy Riot punk rock group amid protests as they await trial for singing an anti-Vladimir Putin song in a cathedral.

Police said they detained around 20 people outside Moscow’s Tagansky district court after supporters sang couplets of the group’s song and a pro-Kremlin youth group held placards saying “Heretics, know the law!”.

Those detained including several Russian Orthodox activists, Novaya Gazeta daily reported. Several protesters had smeared cosmetic masks on their faces, in a dig at a new law forbidding people at rallies from wearing masks.

Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, Yekaterina Samutsevich and Maria Alekhina, initially arrested in early March, had their pre-trial detention extended until July 24, adding a month to a previous extension, the RAPSI legal news agency reported.

Beware the “Radical Christian” hordes

June 26, 2012

_______GREEN link below The ‘radicalization’ of Christians? .

Obama tells Arizona to “Drop Dead”

June 26, 2012

Democrats want border jumpers legal for giant voting block

Jennifer Lopez thinks her assets don’t stink

June 26, 2012

The singer refuses to plonk her most valuable asset on toilets unless they are fitted with her own germ-resistant seat.

When she hears Her Majesty gets a special throne built for her on state visits, that might well end up on J-Lo’s rider too.

A source said: “Jennifer is a clean-freak and doesn’t like putting her bum on any toilet unless it’s on her own custom-made seat. It’s a cover made to fit any loo.”

J-Lo is also said to request loo roll made of the finest cashmere.

My Doctor gave me the finger again

June 26, 2012

. You Womenfolk can stop reading right now cause this is a story for MEN only,  so butt out and go wash dishes or diaper a baby or something female-like. So now that the Gals are gone, I’ll tell you MEN about getting your Prostrate checked because I had my yearly check again today and […]