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Martial Law means no voting out Obama in 2012

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Harry Reid changed the

rules in the Senate to strip

Republicans of power.


I read when Republicans

win re-election they will

be able to use the rule also

but against Democrats.


Harry Reid and the Dems

are not worried about

Republicans or even

public backlash over this

Power Grab because there

will be no 2012 elections.


All the peices are in place

for the Democratic Party

takeover of America –

Democrats know this is


in their lifetime they

can pull this off.


Desperate Democrats


to retain lifetime power –

suspending elections in

2012 will give them that



Obama will spout even the

Republicans say he spends

too much time campaigning

and not enough fixing the



With Obama and Democrats

not facing re-election,

they can focus on fixing the

economy they bankrupted

and use it as an excuse to

never have elections again,



Dems know they will be

voted out in 2012.


This is their last chance

to do their Communist


and when Obama

declares Martial Law

sparked by Democratic

supported street violence,

all The Tea Party

can do is nothing.


________Obey the law

________and fight the



————–with Truth.

_————-Rash Manly

2 Responses to “Martial Law means no voting out Obama in 2012”

  1. LOL! I fucking love the internet.

    • Thank You for the comment Who Cares.

      You should never take what I present
      as absolute truth,
      check out my sources,
      read the stories and decide for
      yourself what the truth is.

      (I’ve been wrong before shock shock)

      I’m just trying to break through the
      wall of Brainwashing the Mainstream
      Media and TV bombards us with and
      give a different point of view

      Feel free to comment anytime,
      even if you think I’m mentally
      unstable (much truth to that alas)
      but that does not mean I’m wrong.

      Rash Manly

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