You can see the whole Earth from the Moon!

Madonna’s Super Bowl salute to Baphomet



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16 Responses to “Madonna’s Super Bowl salute to Baphomet”

  1. disgusting–
    but not surprising for the queen
    of making a joke out of Christianity

  2. Let’s hope the lack of response
    is due to no good Christian ever
    seeing this abomination.
    Or we are still in shock that
    this mass perversion is so widely accepted.

  3. praise satan

  4. No one should be shocked if they understand the Bible.
    The Bible clearly states that Satan
    is the god of this present world,
    “the prince of this world” as Jesus
    called him and he will continue to rule
    this present age until the Lord Jesus Christ
    returns to establish his kingdom.

    So we can fully expect such Satanic activity
    as this to increase as we get closer to the Lord’s return.

  5. First wow,
    I looked at both and I know
    my Bible I know what Baphomet is,
    but I just did not make the
    connection till I saw it here!

    Thanks for warning the people,
    and folks this is what it is she
    is evil as is most of all entertainment
    from hollywoord, the music industry etc….

  6. it’s gonna be really hot where shes going shes stupid

  7. Lol, people who buy this crap
    are as deluded as flat earthers.
    But there will always be minority
    conspiracy theorists with any big event.

    • Thanks for the comment and
      Thank You for reading 22MOON!


    • Yeah,
      everything happens by accident
      and all the obvious references
      to Satan are coincidences.
      Not too much going on upstairs here.

      • Well said Manny!

        It’s the ‘In Your Face’ End Times.

        Thank You for the great comment and
        Thank You for reading 22MOON Manny!


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