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Americans fed up with Mainstream Media campaigning for Obama’s relection

January 21, 2012

Last night, Mark Levin asked his producer to call Brian Ross at ABC News to find out who used to be President Obama’s “ex-drug pusher.”

“Mr. Producer, wake up Brian-what’s his name-Brian Ross again, ABC News, the senior investigative reporter. Tell him to find out who Obama’s drug pusher was, would you please? Oh, use this; say it’s an ex-drug pusher because he likes to look into things that begin with e-x, an ex-drug pusher.”

The infamous G-Spot missing in action

January 21, 2012

Scientists found none could conclusively prove the G-Spot exists

The Gräfenberg Spot myth

January 21, 2012

THE SEARCH is off, lads – the G-spot DOESN’T exist.

Scientists studied nearly 100 articles on the illusive female sex zone, published over six DECADES – and found none could conclusively prove its existence.

Hysterical Paroxysm: Default position for The Left Wing

January 21, 2012

If you want to understand the Left, the best place to start is with an understanding of hysteria. Leading leftists either use hysteria as a political tactic or are actually hysterics.

Take almost any subject the Left discusses and you will find hysteria.

Democratic Party traits exhibit malignant narcissism

January 21, 2012

Can you name a Democratic Party member who exhibits the following characteristics?
Glibness/superficial charm
Grandiose sense of self-worth
Need for stimulation/proneness to boredom
Pathological lying
Lack of remorse or guilt
Shallow affect [i.e., superficial experience and expression of emotions]
Callous/lack of empathy
Skillful use of teleprompter

21st century dictators demand the Internet be neutered

January 21, 2012

. _____GREEN link below . SOPA and PIPA Part of Effort to Domesticate Politically Incorrect Internet Alex Jones’ Infowars

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley red hot on the catwalk snapshots

January 21, 2012

Clad in a camisole, which was almost cut to her navel, Rosie managed to protect her modesty as she modelled in front of a packed crowd in Brazil.

Rosie, who topped FHM’s Sexiest Woman list in 2011, completed the pyjama-style look with a pair of matching trousers and a faux fur bolero.

The British beauty was sporting the revealing attire for the Animale Show at Sao Paulo Fashion Week.

Marines defended by Doctor Michael Savage

January 21, 2012

Most of the “men” in the news media — the same journalists orchestrating the attack on Marines who allegedly urinated on Taliban terrorists they killed in battle — have never even been in a fistfight, let alone a firefight. And yet here they are, piling on the real men who have the guts to go into combat against 15th century radical Islamist throwbacks.

Newt Gingrich goes ‘Chuck Norris’ on the Obama worshipping Mainstream Media

January 21, 2012

Upon introducing each presidential candidate present at CNN’s Southern debate Thursday evening, moderator John King asked Newt Gingrich about his ex-wife’s accusations that they had an “open marriage.” Gingrich was having none of it, however, and in a fiery display, castigated King and “the elite media.”