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Celebrity baby names

January 7, 2012

List of Celebrity Baby Names

Quirky baby names banned

January 7, 2012

Under New Zealand law babies’ names cannot be offensive, too long – 100 characters is the limit – or contain religious references, which put paid to six planned little Lucifers. They are also not allowed to be self-declared titles, a clause which accounted for the Justices, lest they be confused for real judges, as well as the mini-royals. The rule also covers spelling variants, meaning Justus and Juztice were also turned down.

The only other rule breached in the top 10 was that on single-letter names – six parents chose J.

Amanda Seyfried to portray Linda Lovelace

January 7, 2012

Amanda Seyfried to portray Linda Lovelace in movie about ‘Deep Throat’ star

1 in 4 teenage girls think HPV Vaccine cuts risk of contracting all STDs

January 7, 2012

They were told the vaccine had few side-effects and would protect their daughter from cervical cancer.

But Steve and Pauline Hinks are convinced the controversial HPV jab is behind their daughter Lucy’s mystery illness which is making her sleep up to 23 hours a day.

Tests have so far ruled out a brain tumour and glandular fever and the 13-year-old’s paediatric consultant is investigating potential links with the vaccine Cervarix.

The jab was used in a national vaccination programme which started in September 2008. But it has already been linked to several cases of girls displaying severe side-effects.

Before she received the vaccine, Lucy was perfectly healthy, had an excellent school attendance record and was among the top students in her year.

Big Pharma company kills 14 babies due to ‘bad paperwork’

January 7, 2012

Drug maker GlaxoSmithKline fined after killing 14 babies due to ‘bad paperwork’

FHM chooses globe’s 10 sexiest women

January 7, 2012

FHM list of world’s 10 sexiest women

Obama to kiss Hollywood’s ring among other things for support in 2012

January 7, 2012

These sources characterize the relationship between the Obama administration and Hollywood as tense and troubled, even though all of the president’s fundraisers in town have sold out and have been attended by a diverse array of industry leaders.

Hollywood activists believe Obama has given their causes short shrift since moving into the White House. Making matters worse, some of Obama’s top money givers have felt ignored and disregarded — except for when the president needed campaign contributions.

The entertainment industry runs on personal relationships, something that the Obama administration apparently took for granted over the past three years.

Avant, with her deep ties to both the Democratic party and the entertainment industry, is being called upon to patch things over and rekindle at least some of [the] Hollywood enthusiasm for Obama.

Corey Feldman exposing Hollywood’s protected padeo perverts

January 7, 2012

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