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Big Brother Obama moves Orwell’s 1984 to 2012

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DEMOCRATS have a secret

plan deploying in front of

our faces so outragous they

may get away with it.


The Class Envy/Warfare

baiting and attempting

to upset minority groups

are intended to create

street violence and Flash

Mob attacks in America.


Social unrest will spread,

fanned on by an Obama

worshipping Media,

which is great for

their ratings.


Mysterous cyber attacks

will happen before 2012,

calling for increased

Internet censorship.


Martial Law will be

declared before the

2012 elections –

elections will be suspended

and Obama and cronies

will stay in power –

for the good of

the country –

and Democrats and

Obama will bring in

a Socialist State that

will be a Communist

State later on.


The mobs are coming

in a big way and there

is no stopping that.


But Patriots must

obey all laws because

the power masters want

you to break laws so

they can shut you up

and perhaps put you


________Obey the law

________and fight the



————–with Truth.

————-Rash Manly

Made in USA

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