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He May Be A Communist VIDEO


-_____GREEN Link below

2 Responses to “He May Be A Communist VIDEO”

  1. Are you retarded?

    • Great argument to prove me wrong-
      very intellectual.

      You must be an Obama supporter.


      One of my Obama songs-

      Commie Commie Commie
      By Rash Manly/22moon.com

      Commie Commie Commie,
      Control care of you’re Mommie,
      And they feel like a-robbin you,

      Obama, you two faced thing,
      Started nice, you disgraced thing,
      Stealing freedom is what your
      gonna do.

      Ooh I used to love ya,
      Thought no one above ya,
      Now I see you lied to me.

      Ooh man you stinker,
      Teleprompter thinker,
      Ooh man, I see you tricked me.

      Commie, Commie, Commie,
      You want all of my money,
      And as silly as it may seem,

      The loving that you’re giving,
      Is the Cloward Pivin,
      Strategy to bankrupt
      Us is you’re scheme.

      Kind-a like Moscow,
      Think we are you’re cash cow,
      Kind-a like, like what you do.

      Kind-a sounds funny,
      you take all our money,
      Sonny, I’m done with you.

      Commie Commie Commie,
      What you are, I’m no dummy,
      That your lies can’t satisfy,

      Man, you’re such a red thing,
      You are a Commie bred thing,
      And bad thing, that ain’t no lie.

      Sick of all your speeches,
      Want to just impeach ya,
      Can’t wait for you to go.

      Ooh man, you liar,
      Suit pants on fire,
      Commie, I want you to go.

      Written by Rash Manly

      The Barack Obama Song!

      Sung to the tune of
      “That’s Entertainment!”

      Tax –

      We just can’t pay enough

      And the facts –

      We don’t hear for the fluff

      Just relax –

      Give the poor all your stuff!

      That’s Barack – tainment!

      Cash –

      Uncle Sam wants it all

      Hear the crash –

      As the stock market falls

      In a flash –

      Your tax bill will grow tall!

      That’s Barack – tainment!

      Lazy bums

      Will leave you crumbs

      So we all have the same,

      It’s only fair

      That we all share

      What work made you gain,

      If you complain

      You’re insane,

      Give all to the needy –

      Or are you just greedy!

      Poor –

      We must all be that way

      To have more –

      Is a sin so they say

      Just ignore –

      The Constitution and pray,

      You still have a job,

      To pay lazy slobs

      That’s Barack – tainment!

      Written by Rash Manly

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