You can see the whole Earth from the Moon!

Will Obama scare tactics work yet again?


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One Response to “Will Obama scare tactics work yet again?”

  1. I am amazed this man gets away with so much and yet people are dumb enough to listen to him.

    God the loving father forgive America for allowing such wickedness to be in America,in our white house,in control of any thing and please forgive us for allowing such hatred towards you and your ways and your ideas and your laws and your concepts to be spoken over the airwaves and on our T.v.s and the internet.

    God please forgive us for allowing some one that hates you any where near the white house.The spirit of fear that this man loves will not cause the true men and woman of God to bow down to it.

    Because true christians world wide we are the only ones who serve a true and living God.

    Jesus Christ may your name be highly exalted above all other names,,,,,,
    Thank you for dieing and suffering a wicked death so I can come to know the true living God.

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