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China is still Red China


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One Response to “China is still Red China”

  1. Anyone who believes that China is our friend is either not informed regarding China’s past ‘association’ with other countries…or delusional.

    The government of China does not believe in the concept of ‘friendship’ when dealing with its’ people nor with any other country. Instead, China believes in overpowering and then absorbing any enemy that could be a threat to it. Google China’s history if you think this isn’t so.

    Simply put, China believes in China…and it will stop at nothing to gain any bit of information or export/import deal that it needs in order to grow militarily and economically. No friends are needed.

    China simply wishes to become the most powerful nation on earth. Why? Because it knows that nobody is going to try and pick a fight with the biggest dog on the street. Military strength and Economic growth means power and survival which are two things that China has always believed deeply in.

    And has been willing to wait for…

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