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Cheryl Cole axed from X-Factor


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The American Idol reject
who stormed the stage during
the competition’s live TV
finale in May has withdrawn
a £200 million lawsuit against
show producers –
only to refile papers in
which he asks for £66 million,
WENN reports
September 1st, 2010.
Former contestant Ian Benardo,
who failed his audition when he
tried out for the talent show
in 2006,
interrupted funnyman
Dane Cook‘s comedy song
by grabbing the microphone
and hurling abuse at
judge Simon Cowell.
In July,
he filed legal papers with the
New York State Equal Employment
Opportunity Commission claiming
he was put up to the stunt by
Idol executives who invited him
back for this year’s final and
asked him to be
“outrageous” and gay“.

On Tuesday,
Benardo refiled his lawsuit for
£66 million in federal court,
citing workplace discrimination
and sexual harassment,
according to TMZ.com.


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