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Nancy Pelosi Flying High


“The drinks are on Nancy!”


Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi

and members of her family and

staff took 85 tax-paid trips on

military aircraft between

March 2, 2009,

and June 7, 2010,

according to new documents

uncovered by Judicial Watch,

Mark Tapscott reports

October 14th, 2010 in

The Washington Examiner.

New documents uncovered

by Judicial Watch show

Pelosi took 85 trips on

military aircraft |

Washington Examiner

Pelosi’s daughter,

son-in-law and two grandsons

were on the June 20, 2009,

flight from Andrews AFB to

San Francisco where Pelosi resides,

according to the documents.

On July 2, 2010,

Pelosi took a grandson on a flight

from Andrews to Travis AFB,

north of San Francisco.

Judicial Watch obtained the documents

as a result of a January 25, 2009,

Freedom of Information Act

(FOIA) request.

Previous documents received

by the non-profit watchdog group

revealed that Pelosi’s travel

“cost the United States Air Force

$2,100,744.59 over a two-year

period –

$101,429.14 of which was

for in-flight expenses,

including food and alcohol,”

according to Judicial Watch.

“For example,

purchases for one

Pelosi-led congressional

delegation traveling

from Washington, DC,

through Tel Aviv,

Israel to Baghdad,

Iraq May 15-20,

2008 included:

Johnny Walker Red scotch,

Grey Goose vodka,

E&J brandy,

Bailey’s Irish Crème,

Maker’s Mark whiskey,

Courvoisier cognac,

Bacardi Light rum,

Jim Beam whiskey,

Beefeater gin,

Dewar’s scotch,

Bombay Sapphire gin,

Jack Daniels whiskey,

Corona beer and

several bottles of wine.”

“Pelosi’s abusive use of military

aircraft demonstrates a shocking

lack of regard for the American

taxpayer and the men and women

who serve in the U.S. Air Force.

Speaker Pelosi may have a frequent

flyer record for taxpayer-financed

luxury jet travel,”

said Judicial Watch

President Tom Fitton.

For more from

Judicial Watch,

go here.

_“Gimmie a ride on you’re

__flying bar Nancy Baby!”


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  1. If one totaled up all the crimes Nancy Pelosi did against the country’s best interest, I suspect she would be out of prison in about 822 years from now, if she was incarcerated today.

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