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Obama wants Border Jumpers as massive Democratic voting bloc

2 Responses to “Obama wants Border Jumpers as massive Democratic voting bloc”

  1. I had to recently take a
    low level job because of our economy.
    I worked with many,
    many Mexican workers.

    They saw me as a threat
    and came together to make
    working conditions for me

    They did this to get me to quit.
    And you think that is okay?

    “They take low wage jobs
    that we don’t want”;
    to counter argue,
    In this economy we want/need those jobs.

    In the beginning they weren’t low wage jobs.
    These illegals made it low wage because
    most dont pay taxes and accepted less
    than minimum wage.

    You are very unethical if you believe its okay.

    What they are doing is illegal.
    They are criminals.

    And to say that illegal immigration
    is okay means that all crimes is okay.

    Is shoplifting okay?

    You obviously live somewhere
    where you dont see what’s
    really going on.

    • Thank You for
      that first hand account.

      I wish the mainstream media
      would report stories like this
      but it would be too “Racist”
      “Bigoted” “Racer” to tell
      the truth.

      Of course all Mexican
      people would not do this,
      no one is saying that,
      you are telling what happened
      to you in person,
      and I have read
      similar accounts
      over the years.

      The Media will
      not report this.

      It makes me so mad!

      for telling what
      happened to you.


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