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Malissa Jones now anorexic after gastric bypass surgery


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I Was 34-Stone at 16,

But Gastric Op Saved

My Life

by Alison Smith-Squire

February 22nd, 2009


BRITAIN’S fattest teenager has had 

drastic surgery and shed a whopping 

20 STONE after doctors told her: 

Lose weight or you’ll 

be dead in months.

Malissa Jones —

the youngest person in the world 

to have a stomach bypass—

tipped the scales at 34 STONE aged 

just 16 and was constantly gorging 

on chocolate, crisps and junk food, 

sometimes 10 Mar bars at once.

She ate a staggering 

15,000 calories a day, 

7½ times the recommended 2,000 

cals for a girl her age.

She was so hooked on eating 

she’d even raid the freezer in 

the middle of the night and gobble 

down partially-thawed raw burgers.

In the end she was 

barely able to move. 

She needed oxygen to so she 

could breathe while sleeping and 

suffered the heart disease angina—

usually associated with old people.

So at 17 she decided to have the bypass . . . 

even though it could have killed her. 

The risky op is normally 

banned on under-18s. 

She said last night: 

“Doctors warned me there was a 

strong risk I could die from the op. 

But I knew I had no choice. 

Without it I would have died anyway.”

Miraculously Malissa, 

of Selby, North Yorks, 

not only survived but lost more 

than half her weight in a year.

Now she is saving to 

have a private op—

a full body lift and tuck—

to remove one stone of excess 

sagging skin caused by her 

dramatic weight loss.

She said: 

“I’ve discovered a 

whole new world. 

I’m out every weekend clubbing. 

I’ve had a lot more boyfriends 

because I feel much more 

attractive and confident.”

Malissa’s eating problems 

started when she was just TWO—

and spiralled out of control 

when she was seven.

She explained: 

“My mum had a stillborn baby and 

with so much upset in the family, 

food was comforting. 

When I was seven my parents 

separated and I got fatter. 

I couldn’t fit into a school uniform 

or run around the playground.”

Her mum Dawn, 45, 

took her to their GP and 

locked the kitchen cup- boards—

but Malissa still managed to steal 

food at home and buy Mars bars 

and Snickers with her pocket money.

At night she would secretly 

microwave frozen burgers and 

chicken nuggets for 30 secs—

until they were just soft 

enough to chew—

then eat them raw.


She said: 

“I was so ravenous 

I didn’t care. 

Other times I’d have 10 Mars 

bars in one go. 

I never felt sick.

“I only felt happy when 

I had food in my mouth. 

The longest I could go 

without eating was four hours. 

By then my body would be 

shaking like a drug addict’s.”

At her heaviest, 

5ft 8in Malissa had a 

Body Mass Index of 72.4. 

The healthy range is 18.5 to 25. 

Her size 28 clothes were too tight, 

and she was a stone heavier 

than Britain’s previously 

known fattest teenager, 

33-stone Georgia Davis, 15, 

of Aberdare, South Wales—

now at a fat camp in the US.


now 18 and the oldest of four children, 


“My life was a nightmare. 

I was constantly teased at school, 

and was in and out of hospital 

with kidney and chest infections. 

At 15, I collapsed with chest pains 

and was rushed to hospital with 

the first of three suspected 

heart attacks. 

I was diagnosed with angina.

“I also had sleep apnoea, 

where my weight pressed into 

my neck and cut off my breathing. 

And my body got so large 

I couldn’t get enough oxygen.

“I’d have bad asthma and spend 

most of the day stuck in a chair 

unable to move. 

At night I wore an oxygen 

mask to keep me alive.”

She was referred to an eating 

disorders team and saw 

counsellors and nutritionists—

but nothing worked.

Mum Dawn said: 

“I knew Malissa was far too fat. 

But her eating habits proved 

impossible for anyone to control.”

Malissa’s dramatic wake-up 

call came when she was 17. 

She said: 

“Doctors told me my weight 

was crushing my internal organs. 

I was so ill I had only months to 

live and I might not see 

my 18th birthday.”

Her only hope was a bypass 

to drastically reduce the size of 

her stomach and restrict the 

amount she could eat. 

After the six-hour op she spent 

36 hours in intensive care. 

But she pulled through—

and a year later weighs 14 stone, 

is size 16 and eats 1,000 calories a day.

Her asthma has gone and she 

has a full-time job in business admin. 

Malissa said: 

“I’ve massive scars down my 

body where they had to slice 

through so much flesh to get 

to my stomach.

“But my confidence has soared —

and most of all I enjoy going 

out and looking normal.”


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  1. What I find so amazeing is when humans dont deal with the problem of what ever it may be all they do is create bigger problems later on.We need to realize that with out devine wisdom on issues in life we arent going to solve the real issue which in reality is a heart issue.Until we humble ourselves and cry out to Jesus Christ we will continue to fail.So many people say this person or that person went to church and they are worse then me.Theres thousands of reasons not to trust Jesus but not one is any good.

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