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Lindsay Lohan changing her name to one word: Pretenious

March 26, 2011

______GREEN links below – . ____Michael Lohan ____‘hurt’ by news ____of daughter ____Lindsay dropping ____last name: ____‘It’s never ____going to happen’   ____Lindsay Lohan ____Changing Her ____Name to ____“Lindsay” – ____Morning Thickness ____Michael Lohan: ____‘Lindsay won’t ____change name’ ____Digital Spy ____Lindsay to Drop ____‘Lohan‘ From ____Her Name, ____Says Mom ____PopEater.com ___Lindsay Lohan ____Changing Her ____Name […]

James Dean was childhood victim of a male sex predator

March 26, 2011

_James Dean and Elizabeth _____GREEN links below – . _____Elizabeth _____Taylor _____book: _____‘James Dean was _____molested as a child’ _____Mail Online _____Elizabeth _____Taylor: _____James Dean Was _____Molested by Minister _____as a Child – _____FoxNews.com. ____The Official __-___Site of ____James Dean

Zsa Zsa Gabor hysterical – Thinks she’s next

March 26, 2011

____GREEN links below – . ____Film legend Dame ____Elizabeth Taylor ____has died at the ____age of 79 ____The Sun ____Elizabeth Taylor: ____the fashion icon ____The Sun ____Elizabeth Taylor ____is late for her ____own funeral ____The Sun ______Hysterical ______Zsa Zsa ______thinks she’s ______next ______The Sun .

Chris Brown throws temper tantrum when asked about temper tantrum against Rihanna

March 26, 2011

___GREEN links below – . ___Will ___Chris Brown‘s ___GMA Tantrum ___Affect His ___Probation? ___What About His ___DWTS ___Appearance? – ___E! Online ___Chris Brown‘s ___‘GMA‘ outburst: ___Making headlines ___for the wrong reasons ___on release day ___Los Angeles Times ___Chris Brown ___Flips Out, ___Smashes Window ___After GMA – ___UsMagazine.com ___Chris Brown ___News – ___Chris Brown ___Freaks Out […]