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Lady GaGa rush release of ‘Born This Way’



LADY GAGA displays

a delicate tattoo on her

back as she poses topless

for the cover of

her new single,

THE U.K. SUN reports

February 9th,


Lady Gaga‘s new

single Born This

Way | The Sun


With the singer

sporting heavy eye-liner,

the stark black and white

image has a glossy eighties

air about it.

An aggressive white font

spells out the song title –

Born This Way.

The heavily-hyped

offering will be


this Friday.

And its lyrics suggest it

may become an anthem

for the homosexual


The Grammy-winner sings:

“Don’t be a drag, just be a queen.

“Whether you were left outcast,


or teased,

rejoice and love yourself today,

cos baby you were born this way.”

And her make-up artists claims

the video for the song will

be memorable.


“Have you ever been a part of

something that was so profound,

so inspiring,

so incredibly beautiful,

that as it was happening,

it brought tears to your eyes

and you had been given a gift,

and you were thankful?

“It happened to me (and)

I am thankful.”

The Grammy-winner

has blossomed into one

of the world’s biggest and

most successful pop stars

over the past couple of years.

Hits include Poker Face,

Bad Romance and

Telephone with BEYONCE.



2 Responses to “Lady GaGa rush release of ‘Born This Way’”

  1. No matter how many people praise her for doing this or that she will be soon humbled severely just like so many others.You can laugh at God and makes jokes about Sin but God will not be mocked and God will have the last laugh.We need to so despertley get back to the fear of God because right now America is being humbled so severely that thousands of people are freaking out and losing their minds because they just don’t want to realize that sin will not go unpunished and pride goes before a fall.You can have peace and joy right now in life if you will just come to know Jesus Christ.But beware God will not sit back and do nothing when sin runs out of control.

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