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Bath Salts containing Methylenedioxypyrovalerone Hazardous To Your Health




Police and health professionals
have warned of the dangers of
a new “legal high” after 10 people
were treated at hospitals
around the country,
SKY NEWS reports
August 17th, 2010.

Ivory Wave is sold online as
“soothing bath salts” –
but abusers snort it to bring on
a euphoric high that can be
accompanied by side-effects
such as hallucinations,
extreme agitation and
heart damage.

Tests on the substance –
also known as Ivory Coast
or Purple Wave –
have found it can contain MDPV,
a powerful psychoactive drug.

After six people were admitted
to hospital in Cumbria last week,
one doctor said she had never
seen anything like it.

In one case it took four porters
to restrain a young woman believed
to have taken the party drug,
while a 17-year-old boy was
arrested on suspicion of actual
bodily harm after he allegedly
assaulted a hospital worker.

Dr Kate Wilmer,
consultant cardiologist at
West Cumberland Hospital,
said the symptoms witnessed
were “much worse” than the
effects of the banned drug
“People are coming into the
hospital in an extremely agitated
state with acute paranoid psychosis.”

“If you try to give them
anything to help them,
they are convinced you are
trying to harm them so we
have had to completely knock
out two or three of them in
order to treat them.”

“All have had a very fast heart
rate so we have been monitoring
them in the critical care unit
for about 12 hours.”
“The drugs are getting out of
their system but it is taking two
to three days for the agitation
and psychosis to wear off.”

Several people have been seen
at A&E in Dorset suffering from
the after-effects of taking
the substance.

Dr Adrian Dawson,
director of public health for
Bournemouth and Poole,
“This drug has caused adverse
reactions in people locally and
we want to make sure that
people keep themselves safe.”

“Our advice is not to take any drug,
especially those over the internet,
as no-one can be sure
what they contain.”
Health professionals across the
UK were working together to
raise awareness and ensure
effective treatment for users.

In Scotland,
the chief medical officer has
informed colleagues of the severe
reactions to Ivory Wave after a
cluster of cases in A&E departments
in NHS Lothian.

Dr Harry Burns advised medical
workers of its symptoms and asked
them to monitor the situation
in their areas.

Police have also issued their
own warning after arrests
were made in Cumbria.

Last Wednesday,
officers seized numerous substances,
including Ivory Wave,
when they raided four addresses
in Whitehaven and Workington.

Two Whitehaven men,
aged 55 and 29,
were arrested on suspicion of
supplying class B drugs and then
bailed as tests were carried out
on the substances.
Detective Inspector Jason Robinson,
of West Cumbria CID,
“People wrongly assume that
a substance is safe because it
is currently legal,
which couldn’t be further
from the truth.”

“The fact is that people who
take substances like Ivory Wave
are taking serious risks –
no one knows what the drug is
mixed with or the long-term
effects that it can have.”

The warning comes after a report
that a 24-year-old man allegedly
jumped to his death after
taking Ivory Wave.

Michael Bishton‘s body was
found in Whitecliff Bay,
near Bembridge on the
Isle of Wight,
on Saturday.

His mother told The Sun
he had been taking the legal high
in the days before his death.




___February 5th, 2011
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SYNERGY chemical makeup script drug Lidocaine & psychoactive drug MDPV - Methylenedioxypyrovalerone





4 Responses to “Bath Salts containing Methylenedioxypyrovalerone Hazardous To Your Health”

  1. My boyfriend was taking this substance
    along with k2 and started acting weird
    around the house.

    He had been doing it for weeks.

    He stopped cleaning after himself
    accused me of doing various things
    that didnt make sense.

    Eventually he assaulted me
    and I had to call the police.

    He went back to his home in SC.
    he purchased red dove party pills
    on the net while there.

    This is what he was taking here.
    He tore up his mothers home
    when she confiscated the drug.

    He became very violent and police were called.
    When he went to the hospital
    it took 6 people to hold him down.

    He is still strapped down
    and being kept sedated.

    He was in the begining stages
    of kidney failure when he got
    there due to dehydration.

    No one knows how many
    of the pills he actually took.

    Every time he wakes up
    he starts growling and raging
    and they have to sedate him again.

    They want to do a psych eval on him
    but can’t in his current mental state.

    I’m worried some of his friends
    in this area were taking these pills as well.

    They would crush and snort them.

    People think cause it is legal it is safe.

    This is a very dangerous drug.
    I hope they do something to
    make it illegal in the US.

    It has been rated to being more
    dangerous and addictive than Meth.

    • Thank You for sharing
      your story about the
      dangers of ‘legal drugs’
      and so called ‘bath salts’.

      I hope your boyfriend
      makes a full recovery.

      No doubt sharing your
      story will help many others.


  2. that story sounds a bit exagerated. less in the sense of truthfulness, but more towards the feeling of someone who is most likely entirely inexperienced with exposure to many, or quite possibly any at all, use of recreational drugs and/or substances that would affect an individual’s short term coping methods to land one in such a situation.
    it’s the way you stated things concerning drugs, Jolene, as if you were an alien writing back home from your newly colonized planet where you found all sorts of bewildering substances that baffled and fouled your narrow mind; offending your epitomy of an organized view of how things should be, especially in it’s connotations towards its actual opposition to how things are.
    If the truth were to be summoned, captured and frozen for a brief moment to be analyzed, we would most likely find in every generalization of this recurring part of life that the ingredient that is primarily used in any compound that is formed into alkaloids or peptides that structure in ways to effect our HOMEOSTASIS and the way our body/mind releases endorphines based on the chemicals that are not endogenous or etc., we would find the primary ingredient is a part of human nature that obviously works to the benefit of those whom have been fulfilled, but makes happiness terribly evasive to those individuals who are missing oppertunity for such success and peace of mind.
    so, many people have chosen what seems to be a short-cut in hopes of replacing the feeling of regret with what is also a way to cope with the pressures of wrong decisions weighing heavily on them.
    therefore, it is not a drug that makes men and women go mad. it is a much deeper issue inside of the person, and their need to love and be loved at the base of their issues, which causes the addiction and the horrible consequences of the effects of their weapon of choice they are using to destroy their lives after having drug it out into the public streets to make themselves a martyr for a cause with a premise that they know nothing of.

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