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Rihanna UNCENSORED video S&M





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  1. I have read several stories of people
    that were badly hurt in S/M and several
    people who know me knew that I was
    starting to get heavy in to it to where
    I almost became a love slave.

    I deeply feel sorry for those involved in S/M
    because all the people I knew that
    got involved in it just wanted so
    desperate to be loved at any cost.

    I can’t thank Jesus Christ
    enough because he rescued me
    from such a pit of evil I was in.

    So many people are lost and confused
    about life just like I was before I met Christ
    now my life means something.

  2. Well said Tim.

    No doubt telling
    you’re story will
    help people.

    Thank You
    for sharing that.

    Speaking of Jesus,
    in 1983 I had already
    been to a five week rehab
    center and AA meetings –
    yet I could not stop drinking.

    I was driving home one
    night with a six pack of beer
    on the seat beside me and
    I heard a Preacher on the
    (by accident –
    I never listened
    to that station)
    talking about how Jesus
    could free me from
    alcohol and experimenting
    sometimes with hard drugs.

    I got really mad
    and reached for the
    radio to change the

    My hand kept stopping
    short of the radio dial –
    not stopping really –

    This really freaked
    me out,
    I was sober and
    not high on anything –

    I was not stopping my hand.
    it was hitting something
    I could not see.

    So then the Preacher
    gave his phone number
    and said those seeking
    Jesus for help with
    their problems could
    call the Preacher and he
    would pray with the caller.

    I have always been
    science minded,
    but the INVISIBLE WALL
    stopping my hand in
    the air scared me so much
    all my logic could
    not explain it away.

    I always thought
    GOD and Jesus
    were real but somehow
    far away.

    And besides,
    why would Jesus
    help a Sinner
    like me?

    I saw a phone booth
    and called the Preacher.

    We talked and we
    prayed together to Jesus
    and suddenly it felt
    like a lightning bolt or
    something hit me.

    (I can’t explain it.)

    I never had the urge
    to drink alcohol again
    after that night –
    and I did not
    have any pain
    or cravings like
    I did the many times
    I had quit drinking before.

    I’ve been off alcohol
    since that day,
    one day before
    Halloween in 1983.

    I will always be
    an alcoholic,
    but I am
    no longer a drunk.

    Rash Manly

    “Christ came into the
    world to save sinners,
    of whom I am chief.”

    Timothy 1:15-17

    Tim’s website is

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