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The needless death of Sexy Cora



A BUSTY Big Brother

star who got viewers

in a lather when she

soaped up other housemates

boobs had died after a breast

enlargement op went wrong,

The U.K. Sun reports

January 21st,


TV star dies after

boob op tragedy

| The Sun |News



Porn star Sexy Cora —

real name Carolin Berger —

died yesterday afternoon following

a massive brain haemorrhage.

She had been in a coma for nine

days at a clinic in Hamburg,


after the op to boost

her boobs to a 34G.

Her family were called to the

hospital last week where they were

told that Cora had been without

oxygen during the procedure for

15 minutes and was in a

“serious condition.”

Cora died on Thursday at the

Hamburg University Hospital,

leading to an investigation into

the plastic surgery clinic where

she received the operation.

Husband Tim said:

“The brain damage was too great.

Her blood pressure dropped steadily,

physiological functions gave out –

then she went to sleep quietly.”

German police are investigating

the 54-year-old anesthesiologist

and the 49-year-old surgeon who

performed the operation on

suspicion of negligent homicide.

Stern magazine said Sexy Cora’s

death also raised serious questions

for the TV executives who seek out

wannabe stars prepared to go under

the knife for their art,

saying the case

“casts a harsh light on the trash industry.”

It added:

“How far are the stars of reality TV

prepared to go in order to gain attention

for themselves and their bodies?

What dangers are they taking on?”



Cora recevied a Best Amateur 2010

award at the Venus erotic industry

trade fair.

The tattooed porn star shook

up the German version of Big Brother

when she stripped off in the showers

and sprayed soap suds all over

other female contestants.


3 Responses to “The needless death of Sexy Cora”

  1. This is really sad,
    and it shouldnt have happened.
    We so despertley need to come
    to realize that eventualley we will
    all die the main point of life
    is where will we spend all eternity.

    So many people dont want to think
    about death but we will all die.

    The true question is do we really
    and honestly know Jesus Christ?

    Have we really reached out to him?

    He loves you and he wants to know you,
    so please call upon the name which is above
    every name because he truly does love you.

  2. It seems tasteless, to me, to begin pushing ‘come to Jesus’ at a time like this.

    More relevant to address this generation’s obsession with ‘extreme this’, ‘extreme that’ and ‘extreme the other.’ As reported elsewhere, she’d been advised not to have any further augmentations after the fifth, and had been denied for valid medical reasons by her previous surgeons. But in a misguided desire for ‘the extreme’, she continued to shop for a surgeon until she found one willing to perform the work; generally a bad idea after having been warned against it.

    It’s shame that her quest for ‘the extreme’ ended her life. I’d read that she’d previously been hospitalized after performing 75 deep throats in a single day, failing in her attempt to perform 200. One would think this might’ve been a warning to her.

    Unfortunately, the news of her death probably only resonated in Germany where she was relatively well-known, and the rest of the world will generally remain ignorant of the tragedy. No doubt similar tragedies will occur to young women elsewhere, as they pursue an unreasonable quest for an extreme ‘perfection’. Any surgery, especially under anaesthesia, is a serious matter, and shouldn’t be viewed casually.

    We mourn the loss of a young, 23-year-old woman, who missed out on a long, enjoyable, and likely fruitful life, because of a senseless pursuit of an unreasonable dream.

  3. Oh boy,
    cock sucking and porn movies,
    what a low life
    not surprised she has passed
    the things people do for fame!!!

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