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Katy Perry takes spirituality seriously Madonna



Katy Perry has taken aim
at Madonna for peppering
her music,
videos and performances with
religious references,
insisting she hates it when
artists take spirituality “lightly”,
WENN reports January 18th,
____Katy Perry by Joe Gall Photography.
The Firework hitmaker is the
daughter of two pastors and,
despite her racy performances,
is a dedicated Christian.
And the singer admits it upsets
her when pop acts use faith as
a gimmick for their gigs,
blasting the Material Girl –
who has had a notoriously strained
relationship with the Catholic church –
for daring to perform on a cross
during her 2006 Confessions tour.

She says,
“For me,
spirituality is something very
important and I don’t like it
when people take it lightly.
“At times,
I don’t understand why there
are artists who play that card,
like when Madonna gets up
on a cross to sing.”

And Perry’s distaste for blasphemy
has forced her funnyman husband
Russell Brand to clean up
his stand-up act.
She adds,
“Russell has made very
blasphemous jokes in the past,
but he’s making fewer all the time
because he knows that I am very
sensitive about this subject.”






Katy Perry is changing
her name to Katy Brand.






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