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Johnny Depp’s Pit Bull babysitting turns into wrestling match



When BRAD PITT and


someone to look after

their dog,

who do they call?


Gordon Smart’s Bizarre

reports in The U.K. Sun

January 13th, 2011.

Johnny Depp is attacked

by Brad Pitt’s pet dog |

The Sun |Showbiz|Bizarre




I’d love to have seen Brad thumbing

through his contacts when the

eureka moment came.




The actor kindly offered to dog sit

stinky pet pooch Jacques so his pals

could go for a romantic dinner

during filming of Johnny and

Ange‘s latest movie The Tourist.



But as soon as they were alone,

the 12½st beast attacked.

And that dogsitting arrangement

might now be a thing of the past.



Johnny revealed:

“Foolishly I was persuaded to

look after Jacques for a night.

He’s a huge bulldog.

At first I had a terrible feeling,

because Jacques smelt horrible.”

“But then I told myself,

‘Come on,

you will survive one night’.

Everything was cool –

until I sat down on the bed

to take my shoes off.”



“Jacques pounced on me

from behind and kept

jumping around on me.

“He’s not small.

Around 175lbs of dog

was hurled at me,

which felt like about 300lbs.”

“I shouted for help and

luckily someone came to

take that beast off me.”

Here’s a picture of Jacques.

He must have gobbled a lot

of escargot since it was taken

if he’s as big as Johnny claims.

Jacques was moved to Venice

for the summer last year along

with Brangelina and their

huge brood.




Luckily for Johnny,

he only did hound duty once.



He said:

“We often went for

dinner with them.

It was great.

I’ve known Brad since

the end of the Eighties.

It was great to see him

as a man and amazing father.”




And on odd occasions the

adults left the kids and Jacques

indoors while Johnny,

stunning wife VANESSA

PARADIS and Brad and Ange

hit the town together.




Most blokes would give their

right arm to be in that company

but Johnny wasn’t too chuffed.

He added:

“Angie is a stunner,

so is Vanessa.

And Brad of course.

When we all sat together

I was the only ugly one.”

“I’m not the spick-and-span

kind of guy.

“To be honest,

I don’t like cutting my

hair or trimming my beard.”

____No wonder the

___dog mounted him.






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