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Madonna banned for life


Newsman-turned-TV personality
Piers Morgan has given Madonna
hope after snubbing the pop
superstar from his new
CNN talk show –
he’ll lift the ban if she
publicly apologises for
being an annoyance to him,
World Entertainment News
reports January 10th,
Morgan famously clashed with
the Material Girl several times
when he was a tabloid editor
in the UK –
and he’s launching his new show
by insisting she isn’t welcome
as a guest.

He says,
“She’s kind of been an
irritant in my life for 20 years,
so I had to ban her from
the show.
It’s probably quite childish,
but it made me feel better.”
But Morgan insists the door
is still slightly ajar for Madonna,
should she want to appear
on his show,
which debuts next
week in America.

He adds,
“A bended-knee apology
on CNN might swing it.
Other than that,
it’s a lifetime ban.”
And the newsman already
has plans to interview
a major pop superstar:
“Lady Gaga is half her age,
twice as good-looking,
twice as talented,
and twice as hot.
I mean,
why would I bother
with Madonna,








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