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Waking up with David Beckham


is widely regarded as one

of the world’s handsome


Gordon Smart’s Bizarre

reports in The U. K. Sun

December 4th, 2010.

But even he has his off days.

And wife VICTORIA has

confessed to being relieved

that he looks ‘c***’

in the morning.

In a chat with Vogue

magazine she says:

“The other morning I looked

across at David just after he’d

woken up and thought:

‘You look really c***’.”

“Thank God,

because this is a man who

always looked so perfect.”











Posh Beck link in GREEN




__“My wife and I tried
__to breakfast together,
__but we had to stop or
__our marriage would
__have been wrecked.”


-_“Only dull people
-_are interesting at



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