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Rupert Everett thinks Jennifer Aniston is over-rated




an astonishing pop at fellow


Gordon Smart’s Bizarre

reports in THE U.K. SUN

December 30th, 2010.




Rupert Everett blasts

‘flop’ star

Jennifer Aniston

| The Sun |Showbiz

The British actor has cited her

as an example of someone who

manages to maintain her A-list

status despite releasing one

rubbish movie after another.

And, without

adding more names,

Rupert insists many of

Hollywood’s most famous

employees are guilty of lacking

the drive to step out of their

comfort zones.



He said:

“If you look and analyse

the careers of many,

many stars, you’ll find that

they’re mostly sustained

by the business.”

“You’ll find there’s lots of

women and lots of men in

the business that the powers

that be decide are right for

their business,

and they’ll stand with them

for quite a long time.”



something will go wrong,

like Jennifer Aniston will have

one too many total flops,

but she’s still a member

of that club.”

“And she will

still manage to…

like a star forming

in the universe,

things will swirl around her

and it will suddenly solidify

into another vital tasteless


a little glitter next

to the Crab Nebula.”


Those two clearly

aren’t destined to

be Friends…






2 Responses to “Rupert Everett thinks Jennifer Aniston is over-rated”

  1. I am not hating her but I can absolutely
    see no reasons why she is called A listen Actress.

    I can’t also remember 1 single movie
    of hers that I want to see again.

    Also as a person what has she
    done to contribute to this world?

    All she cares as I see is to take care of her body,
    her scaring face and make friends with rich famous
    people so her name is mentioned.

    I never see her going anywhere
    in the poor countries to help,
    never heard a word about Jennifer
    donating 1 Dollar to help some one.

    Also if she is such a nice sweet woman,
    this is a question for all who think she
    is the wonderful woman and Brad is so stupid
    for leaving me,
    please answer me how come
    since then no men could stay
    with her longer than a few months???

    please tell me why???

    She posed photos hugging
    tight with dozen of men,
    being in bed with at least
    double of a dozen since Brad Pitt
    left her but is there just one man
    who can stand her let alone
    wanting to marry her,
    tell me why Mann,
    because they know how fake
    she is after spending a
    short while with her,
    a woman who does nothing meaningful
    but only care about her body and pocket.

    I can’t stand seeing her
    the whole time on newspaper
    showing her bottom etc…
    her figure is not the worst
    but I am sure she is overrated
    in all senses,
    particularly in the
    sense of being a nice person.

    • I could not agree more Jessica.

      Jennifer gets away with
      making bomb movie after
      bomb movie and her career
      seems made of Teflon.

      She is also cute but

      Her acting range is…
      um…what range?

      She is super over rated for sure.

      Thanks for the insightful comment Jessica!


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