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Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal exchanged saucy sex stories for role


Anne Hathaway
and Jake Gyllenhaal
watched famous movie
love scenes to help perfect
their saucy clinches in
Love And Other Drugs –
and even discussed their
own bedroom experiences,
World Entertainment News
reports December 31st,

The Brokeback Mountain
co-stars reunited for the film
about a Viagra salesman and
had to strip off to shoot a
number of saucy scenes.

And to help them
portray a lustful couple,
the two actors discussed
their own romantic histories
and watched old movies to
decide how best to film the
intimate moments.

Hathaway tells
the Daily Mirror,
“We had to go to a lot of
emotionally and physically
vulnerable places and we
spent a lot of time rehearsing.”
“We watched a lot of love
scenes that have been done
throughout film history and
talked about which ones we
liked and which ones we

“We talked about our own
experiences with love and
about what turned us on
and what didn’t.
So it was completely open
from the get-go.
Jake described it as a
kind of intellectual orgy
and I think that sums
it up best.”




"look at me and masturbate...I have orgasms knowing you do..."




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