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Quick sick Foie Gras Burgers



A French fast food chain

said Monday it intends to offer

foie gras “burgers” at bargain

prices as a treat for customers

ahead of Christmas,

Sybille de La Hamaide

reports for REUTERS.COM

November 29th,


Quick Burger said its

“Supreme Foie Gras” will

consist of the normally

expensive duck foie gras,


relish and lettuce and go on

sale for only 5 euros ($6.57)

at more than 350 outlets across

France from December 17th

to 19th.

“We want to give our clients

great taste at cheap prices and

give them the possibility to

party a little ahead of time,”

Quick’s Marketing Director

Laurent Niewolinski,

told Reuters.

Foie gras,

a luxury dish in French cuisine,

is made from the liver of a duck

or goose which has been force-fed

corn mash,

a practice denounced by animal

protection groups who say the

animals live in constant stress

because of it.

Niewolinski brushed off

potential criticism,

saying that foie gras was a

traditional part of French


In a bid to rival U.S. fast

food giant McDonald’s,

Quick has focused its business

strategy on innovations such as

unusual burgers offered on a

short-term basis and the launch of

halal-only restaurants

(selling meat and poultry

permissible for observant Muslims),

a move that sparked a heated

debate in the country

earlier this year.




5 Responses to “Quick sick Foie Gras Burgers”

  1. I am not surprised at all that animals are being treated horrible because we as humans world wide have become so self cetered we are becoming more like animals to the point that animals treat their own better than humans treat other humans.

  2. Aan alle monsters die dit eten wens ik hen een langdurige en pijnlijke leverkanker toe…..
    smakelijk decadente sukkels…….

  3. just had foie gras for the first time today. i just wanted to say to the geese and ducks. thanks. it was totally worth your suffering…mmm!

  4. that is so sad

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