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Michael Douglas to portray Liberace

Cancer-stricken Michael
Douglas is already looking
towards his next film role
playing iconic pianist
Liberace after recently
completing chemotherapy
treatment for throat cancer,
Christine Kearney reports
November 30th,

The 66-year-old actor
told The Hollywood Reporter
in an interview published
on Tuesday that he’s just
happy to be talking after
a year of “adversity,”
including discovering he
had stage four throat cancer,
his son Cameron being
sentenced to prison
on drug charges,
and his ex-wife suing him
for earnings from the
“Wall Street” sequel.

“With my health and my
son’s incarceration,
my ex-wife and
the lawsuit —
to be able to sit here
and talk to you,
I’m so happy,”
he told the publication.
Douglas said he won’t
learn until January
whether the tumor in
his throat has been
but described his
chemotherapy as a

it brought him closer
to his 93 year-old father,
actor Kirk Douglas,
with whom he once

“He came over every day.
He was great,”
Douglas said.
Now, he is already
preparing for his title
role in the Steven
Liberace biopic,
which is expected to
start shooting in May
or June,
and will require Douglas
to undergo special
prosthetic work as well
as musical training.

“I’ve got a bunch of
tapes of performances,”
Douglas told the

“I’m thinking;
I’m a blank slate.
Everything shows me
he was a lovely man;
I just want to reconfirm
Of the support from
his wife Catherine
he said:
“I’m one of those
people who,
when they’re sick,
like to curl up and
remove myself.
I don’t like a lot
of people around.
There is nothing you
can do to help.
Catherine has been
And he said he is still
coming to terms with
“I haven’t really
digested it yet,
truth be told,”
he said.
“As I looked through
the stats,
I didn’t think of this
as life and death;
I just saw it as an
illness to get over.
So I didn’t dig into the
bottom of my soul to
see what I could see.”


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  1. I find this story really sad,his son is in prison,his ex wife we can all imagine is hurting in side knowing that she lost her husband to another woman and her son is in prison.While he just got touched by being healed from cancer and gave no glory to God.His son is probaley in prison because his dad was off making another movie and had no father figure around at all.His life looks so great,sexy woman by his side and he has lots of wealth but the story doesnt end there.See all of us will have to give account to what we did in life,so many people just dont realize that when you dont have Christ as your savior you lose every thing but with Christ you gain every thing.

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