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Drug turned man into sex-crazed transvestite with delusions of grandeur


A man has revealed how

he became a sex-crazed

transvestite and ran up

debts of four hundred

thousand pounds on

flash cars and holidays

after suffering mind-blowing

side effects from a drug

given to him by his GP,

THE U.K. SUN reports

November 29th, 2010.

‘Drug made me put

on dress and bet’ |

The Sun |News



Town Town councillor Pete Shepherd

was handed the drug after being

diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

The pills did help ease the

symptoms of the illness –

but they also turned him into a violent,

attention-seeking gambler with

delusions of grandeur.

Mr Shepherd maxed out 15 credit

cards during his spending spree

and exceeded two bank overdrafts

as he lost his wife,

his home AND his

£50,000-a-year job.


from Hull,


said today:

“I started to develop a

range of strange obsessions,

compulsions and interests.

“I became obsessed with gambling,


sexual excess and various fetishes.”

“I suffered from delusions of grandeur,


paranoia and hallucinations and

became violent and suicidal.”

“I was out day and night

at racecourses, betting shops,

casinos and brothels.”

“I developed a transvestite

tendency and spent tens of

thousands of pounds on ladies’

clothing for myself.”



He got a conditional discharge at

Hull Crown Court a year ago when

a judge accepted new drug


caused him to commit

a £45,000 eBay fraud.

His transvestite tendency side-effect

saw him dressing up in stilettos

and tights and frequenting car parks

looking for sex.

And as well as buying flash cars

with personalised number plates

to suit his lifestyle he rented luxury

cars including Bentleys,

Ferraris, Porsches,

TVRs and Jaguars.

Peter was diagnosed with

Parkinson’s disease in 2001.

Over the next seven years

he ran up his massive debts living

the high life in casinos and brothels

and phoning sex lines.

Deluded Peter also posed as a

millionaire on a Caribbean cruise

on the QEII and travelled to

luxury resorts in New York,

Florida, Tenerife, Tunisia,

Morocco and the Dominican Republic.



Peter added:

“None of this high-living,

gambling, hypersexuality,


violence or attention-seeking

made any sense at the time.”

“I knew I was behaving oddly

but I was totally driven down

these paths and unable to control

the compulsions whatsoever.”

“It went on and on,

and I found myself in police

stations several times.”

He finally discovered a link

between his behaviour and the

drug when he searched the

internet in 2008.

He then stopped taking the drug

and his life returned to normal.

In October last year he admitted

six charges of fraud and one count

of money laundering after conning

172 people out of £45,718 for

concert tickets which did not exist.

Two professors of neurology

spoke on his behalf in court.

They said the drug made it

impossible for him to know

right from wrong.


One Response to “Drug turned man into sex-crazed transvestite with delusions of grandeur”

  1. I am amazed that people would actually believe
    this story because very few people want to pay
    for the consequences of their actions so they
    come up with all kinds of bizzare ideas.

    No matter how good we can fool another
    person or even ourselves we must always
    remain in the fear of the Lord because some
    day we will be held accountable for
    the things we say.

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