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Lady GaGa will wear silk underwear or nothing at all


Lady Gaga will only

wear silk underwear,


reports November 27th,


Lady Gaga Insists

Wearing Silk Underwear



The eccentric singer has

reportedly instructed her

assistants to throw away

all of her old bras and

pants as she believes the

feel of the more expensive

fabric on her skin helps

boost her creativity.



A source said,

“She’s so in love with the

way it feels on her body,

she’s demanded every piece

of lingerie be made from

100 per cent pure silk.”




cotton and Lycra

are all banned.

The finest silk,

made to order,

is all she’ll wear now.”



“She really believes this

will help her creativity

because if she feels

comfortable and her skin

is able to breathe properly,

she’ll be able to concentrate

on her music.”



The ‘Paparazzi’ hitmaker

has spent an estimated $9,400

in replacing all her old underwear

with silk garments but doesn’t

mind about the cost.



The source added

to Now magazine,

“She’s taking this latest

fetish seriously and driving

her assistant crazy.”



“Some garments go for $94

a pair and because she’s

kitted out the entire underwear

section of her wardrobe,

it’s cost her close to $9,400.”



“She’s successful enough

to demand anything

she wants,

even if it’s silky pants.”



-_LADY GAGA doing a ‘silk check’

-_in St. Jeromes, NYC April 2008





Link below in GREEN

Lady GaGa/Beyonce

uncensored video

“Telephone” scorching

mini movie!




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  1. What a sad,sad person to even be alive.She is so opressed,lost and confused my heart just goes out to some one this perverted and lost.She doesnt have any morals or ethics.She is just obsessed with what your body,some one should point out that she isnt all that great and she should seek some major deliverances.My God my god help this lost and confused person to find some type of meaning to her life.

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