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Dolly Parton worried Miley Cyrus may be exposing her breasts, butt and legs for success


Dolly Parton is not
a fan of Miley Cyrus’
raunchy new image
and fears the young
star is “surrounded”
by advisers who are
steering her career in
the wrong direction,
WENN reports
November 24th,

The country legend has known
Cyrussince she was a baby and
has previously labelled the
18-year-old singer/actress
her “honorary goddaughter”.
The Hannah Montana star has shed
her clean-cut image in recent months,
wearing increasingly saucy outfits
and shocking fans with provocative
stage performances.
Parton is adamant she hasn’t
“encouraged” the youngster to
flash the flesh,
and fears Cyrus may be getting
bad advice from her managers.
She tells Larry King,
“Hopefully she didn’t get that from
me because I certainly never
encouraged her to do any of that…
I think she’s just in a cross –
she’s just kind of in a crosswinds
trying to overcome the Hannah
Montana little girl,
and trying to become
a young woman…
I don’t know if she’s surrounded by
people that are helping (her to) not
make the wise decisions…”
And Parton is worried show business
is becoming increasing tough on
young girls like Cyrus,
“I think this day and time life
is hard for young people,
certainly young girls…
The world is just…
you just can’t flaunt enough.”
“You can’t just do enough.
You can’t just talk trashy
enough or dress trashy enough.
It seems to be like if you don’t do
that you’re not in the in crowd.”
“So I think that there’s a lot of
pressure just on young people
in general and I think they put
a lot of pressure on themselves…”
But the 9 To 5 hitmaker remains
hopeful the former Disney star will
grow out of her rebellious ways:
“I’m hoping that Miley
is going to be just fine.”
“I know she’s very gifted and I love
her dearly and if she ever needs me
I’ll do everything I can to help her
in any way that I can.
So I think we should just
let her grow up.”


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_-__eat more fiber,

12 Responses to “Dolly Parton worried Miley Cyrus may be exposing her breasts, butt and legs for success”

  1. I find this very sad and heart breaking
    because we used to let our daughter
    watch her and now we find nothing
    about her moralley correct.

    We read she was raised in a Godly home.

    Just another human putting a price tag
    on what Jesus did for us on the cross.

    I find it very sickening how many people
    love Jesus but when the world offers them
    money they get rid of all of their walk
    with Christ because the dollar is so
    much more valuable to them than Christ.

    So many in beverly hills and Hollywood
    are going to get a huge surprise one day
    when their wealth means nothing and
    their popularaity is worthless.I am
    just so amazed how many are willing
    to take sex,drugs,power,
    popularity and fame over a loving God
    who shed his blood on a cross for all human kind.

    God almighty send your conviction
    now please God almighty send
    your judgement now.

    • Wow you must the stupidest lamest
      religious nut bag on the internet.

      what if she is wearing revealing clothing…
      Does that make her evil or a bad person?

      It doesnt!
      And how do you know what or who God judges?

      What after reading a bible that was written
      over 2000 years ago and has been changed
      countless times!?

      Come on open your eyes and see how religion
      has blinded your eyes and many more like you?

      And accusing her of sex?
      Like wtf?
      How do you know shes been sexually active?

      She could be a virgin until
      shes married for all we know?

      And even if she isnt why does that matter?

      If anything you should be judged
      by god for asking god to judge

  2. I guess Dolly is trying to point out
    that she is less evil than Hannah.

    If only they knew that the gates of Hell
    are being wide opened for them both.
    Jesus Christ forgive us for our ignorance,
    self seeking and not putting you on the throne.

    Oh lord Jesus Christ forgive us please……..

    • Well said Tim!


    • If anything the gates of hell
      (although i doubt they exist)
      are going to opened for you.

      How can any decent human being
      hope or ask for the suffering of others.

      Go take a look in the mirror
      and keep telling yourself your
      a good person.


  4. All christians are brainwashed hypocrites. End of story

  5. A question for all the non-believers.

    Don’t you think it would be better to live
    your life like there is a God and be able
    to make it to heaven than to life a worldly
    life and go to Hell?

    What if it is real?

    It will be to late for you
    because you didn’t believe.

    If it doesn’t exist then what are you
    hurting by believing that it does.

    It really is a healthier way of life.

    I would rather live my life knowing there
    is a God and Heaven and find out that that
    there is no Heaven or Hell than to live
    like there isn’t and find out that there is!

    Bottom line …
    be nice,
    don’t judge,
    live, laugh, and love.

    Think about it.
    Be Blessed and have a great day!

    • If God is all loving, all forgiving,
      and all understanding,
      then how could you believe in a hell?

      What that tells me is that
      we’re God’s unwanted children.

      He created us.
      He knows we sin.
      He created us to sin.

      If his word is the only word then he
      created us to sin because that’s exactly
      what happened.

      So knowing all that,
      how could God be Vengeful and Forgiving
      at the same time when they are two opposites?

      You cannot have one as well as the other
      if you’re talking about God.

      He is all good.

      If God is as gracious and good as everyone claims,
      he would not condemn people to burn because he
      created us in his image.

      He intended us to be this way.

      If he didn’t he couldn’t be God
      because he would have the same flaws
      as humans.

      And don’t judge?
      You’re already judging people
      by determining who gets to heaven
      and who goes to hell by living
      a worldly life.

      Let me tell you something.

      You’re probably living a worldly life
      right now unless you’re Jesus or some
      Buddhist monk,
      which I sincerely doubt.

      Do you have a job?
      Do you drive a car?
      Did you receive an education?
      Do you merely enjoy anything
      created on this planet?

      To do as you say all you could do
      is read the bible all day.

      In fact the love we share with
      others is a worldly thing,

      I believe in God,
      but not that crazy sociopath
      you believe in.

      I believe in a God that loves ALL
      of his children unconditionally and
      who would never abandon a single one.

      If god is god,
      he can purify us.

      If he can create this crazy complex universe,
      he can fix our souls easily enough.

  6. This is mainstream media for you.

    F*****G wake up and stop feeding your kids this BS.

    To be perfectly frank,
    these days DEATH METAL is one of the most
    civilized intelligent genre’s of music
    around nowadays.

    No sexuality,
    just common sense.

    In fact sometimes it preaches
    against the lustful sinful lifestyle
    most celebrities endorse today.

    You need to stop exposing your kids
    to this crap and raise them to be
    Human Beings and not sex objects.

    That and let them listen to Unexpect.

    The lady singer in that band is millions
    of times more respectable than most pop
    musicians these days.

  7. She’s a sleezy looking wanna be. Can’t see anyone wanting THAT for a soulmate —- and definitely not for a daughter-in-law!!! I wouldn’t even claim her as my daughter. WHAT AN EMBARRASSMENT!!!!!!!!

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