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Have Japanese Rice Balls Onigiri をすべての辞書で探す for Thanksgiving



Rice Ball


by Setuko




  • 4 cups steamed
  • Japanese rice

  • 8 strips of dried nori
  • (seaweed)

  • Salt to taste

  • *For fillings:
  • ume (pickled plum) /
  • grilled salted salmon






Grilled salted salmon slices


After the salmon cools,
tear it into small chunks
and set aside.

Cook steamed rice.
Put about a half cup of
steamed rice in a rice bowl.

Make a dent in the center
of the rice and place fillings,
such as ume (pickled plum)
and grilled salmon.

Wet your hands in water
so that the rice won’t stick.

Rub some salt on your hands.

Place the rice in the rice
bowl on your hands.

Form the rice into a
round or a triangle,
by pressing lightly with
your both palms.

Wrap the rice ball
with a strip of nori.


Makes 8 rice balls.



Rice balls
are called
in Japanese.

Rice balls are usually
shaped into rounds
or triangles by hands.

Onigiri are often put in
Japanese bento lunch boxes.




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