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Capri Anderson claims Charlie Sheen may have an Anger Management Problem

______“MY WALLET

_._____IS MISSING!!
____You have really
__pissed me off now
_-_say hello to
my little friend!”


U.S. porn star Capri Anderson

accused the “Two and a Half Men”

star Charlie Sheen of abusing,

assaulting and false imprisonment,


November 23rd, 2010.

Adult film actress accuses

Charlie Sheen of assault

_____Porn star Capri Anderson

Anderson was with Charlie

Sheen the night when he was

found by police acting drunk

and incoherent in a hotel

suite last month.



“I never expected that the

night would unfold the way

it did,”

Anderson told TV chat show

“Good Morning America”

on Monday.



Among other things,

she alleged on the air this

morning that she accompanied

an intoxicated Sheen back to

his Plaza suite following

a dinner party,

after which he snorted


put his hands around her neck,

threw a lamp at her and then

yelled threats when she locked

herself in the bathroom.



Sheen’s rep,

Stan Rosenfield,

questioned why Anderson

never told the police her

story on the night in question,

and then posted on her

pay-to-peek website that

that she was “fine.”

“If she pursues legal action,

we will defend this vigorously,”

Rosenfield said.

“These allegations against

Mr. Sheen are completely false,

and are an blatant attempt

to cash in on his celebrity.”





_____Who the Hell
_says I need treatment!
I ought to kick your ass
_For for saying I need
__treatment butthead!”


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