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Eva Longoria’s hot hand hubby accused of sending steamy sext texts to teenage girl


Eva Longoria Parker
is facing more woes
following her split
from husband Tony Parker –
the basketball star has been
accused of sending racy text
messages to a model behind
the actress’ back,
WENN reports
November 22nd, 2010.
The Desperate Housewives star
filed divorce papers last week
citing “irreconcilable differences”
amid allegations the sportsman
cheated on her with another woman.

Parker filed his own
papers in Texas on Friday
“because of discord or conflict
of personalities”
within the marriage.
But the pair has been rocked
by further controversy after
19-year-old Sophia Egeler alleged
Parker pursued her with racy
messages after they met at an
Ultimate Fighting show at
the O2 Arena in London.
Egeler tells The Sun,
“From the minute he met
me he was trying it on.
I had no idea he was Eva
Longoria’s husband.
He would not take no for an
answer and was telling me
how much he liked me.”
She also claims the Frenchman
once tried to get her to spend the
night with him after they partied
at a nightclub in the capital,
“I decided at 1am I wanted to
leave but Parker followed me
into the street.
He begged me to come back to
a house he claimed was his.
I said no…
When I heard
(about his marriage split)
I couldn’t believe it.
How stupid is he to risk
everything with her?”
Egeler also alleges Parker
sent her steamy messages,
including a photo of
his bare chest.









“Talk to The Hand,

_-Tony –

instead of dating it!”




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