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Leonardo DiCaprio to portray serial killer HH Holmes


Leonardo DiCaprio

is set to star as one of

the most notorious murderers

in U.S. history in a big-screen

adaptation of

“The Devil in the White City”

by Erik Larson,

Zhang Xiang reports for


November 6th, 2010.

The 36-year-old actor is set

to play Dr. HH Holmes,

a cunning serial killer believed

to have murdered anywhere

from 27 to 200 people in

Chicago during the 1890s.

Holmes built a hotel of horrors

in Chicago at the end of the 18th

century to capitalize on the

World’s Fair.

The “murder castle,”

as it came to be known,

was a labyrinth of random,

windowless rooms,

stairs to nowhere,

gas chambers,

and hallways built at weird angles.


When Holmes has done

torturing his victims,

the bodies would be dissected

in the basement and sold in

bits to medical schools.

Tom Cruise had initially optioned

“Devil in the White City” and

planned to play the role of Holmes,

but DiCaprio was so determined

to play the part he developed his

own rival Holmes project based

on public-domain materials

before ultimately acquiring

the book’s film rights himself.


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