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Kim Kardashian says ‘Shake’ track is not her


Kim Kardashian is fuming
over reports her debut song
has leaked,
branding the engineer who
alleged the track is hers
“a liar and a fraud”,
WENN reports
October 5th 2010.
On Thursday,
a song called Shake supposedly
featuring the reality star’s
vocals surfaced online,
fuelling speculation she
is launching a music career.
But Kardashian is angry she’s
been linked to the clip –
and she is adamant it is
not her work.

In a post on her website,
she writes,
“A song called Shake was
released on the internet today
and some websites are claiming
it is my voice on the track.
It is not my voice.”
“I don’t know who this
‘audio engineer’ is claiming that
he worked with me on this song,
but he is a liar and a fraud.
I never was in the studio with him,
and he is using this to
gain notoriety.”
“To give quotes to the media
and lie about meeting me,
let alone lie about recording
with me,
is just wrong!
I have never met this guy
or worked with this guy,
and that is NOT my voice
on this song.”

“It’s really sad what people
will do for a little publicity.
I want you guys to know the truth.
Please don’t believe
these rumors.”




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