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Caffeine Can Kill



A British man died

after poisoning himself

with two spoonfuls of

caffeine powder bought

over the Internet,


reports October



Man Dies Of

Caffeine Overdose

Michael Lee Bedford,


from Mansfield,

central England,

was at a party in April when he

swallowed caffeine powder that

a friend bought online for £3.29


Nottingham Coroner’s

Court heard Thursday.

He washed the powder

down with an energy drink,

and around 15 minutes later

began sweating and vomiting


He later died at King’s Mill

Hospital in Nottinghamshire,

central England,

the Nottingham Post reported.




The court heard that

Bedford ignored the product’s

recommendation to take no

more than one sixteenth of

a teaspoon and instead took

two spoonfuls of the powder —

ingesting a level of caffeine

70 times more than is usually

found in a high-energy drink.

Speaking outside the court,

Bedford’s aunt Sue Burton said,

“I think there should be a

warning on it saying

it can kill.”

Nottingham Coroner

Dr. Nigel Chapman said,

“Caffeine is so

freely available on the internet

for £3.29, but it’s so lethal if

taken in the wrong dose,

and here we see the


“So many people are upset

and distraught by the death

of Michael.”

He also criticized the product,

which was not named in the


for recommending such

a small dosage,

which could be easily ignored.

“Who would take

[one sixteenth of a teaspoon]?

It’s such a small dosage —

the warning is so small

on the front of it,”

Chapman said.

“If you’re sharing a bag,

carrying it around,

and if you hadn’t

seen the warning —

it could be that anyone at

the party could have taken it.

It’s so dangerous to take

something like this.”

____He recorded a verdict

_____of accidental death.

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