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Democratic Dirty Deeds for Election Disorder – Part TWO of FOUR


Dirty Tricks:

.The Next


By Ed Lansky

____October 18th, 2010


____Links are in GREEN

____Part TWO of FOUR


In any case,
the Democrats have been touting
this malarkey in local races around
the country —
to little success other
than breeding cynicism.

But the tactic had a broader purpose.

The idea has been to use it as
a wedge to pry into names of
donors from the groups spending
money on political ads against
Democrats and their policies.

Once these names are made
the real “fun” begins as the
Democratic “dogs of war”
are unleashed.

Target had a target on its back
when it donated to a group that,
in turn,
donated a small amount of their
total funds to a candidate who had
views that offended gay groups.

Then the mobocracy went into action,
threatening boycotts,
and the like against Target —
all with the help of plenty
of newspaper reporting.


Target has pulled its support
with its tail between its legs.

All corporations are now on
notice to obey or get a
newspaper whack.

Lest one think that faceless
corporations are the only ones
think again.

a legendary Los Angeles restaurant –
got slapped with a boycott by the
gay and lesbian community
because the daughter of the
owner had the temerity to support
Proposition 8,
a ballot initiative to affirm
marriage as an bond between
a man and a woman in California.

But it gets worse;
California was not an isolated case,
but part of a pattern.

In August 2008,
a former director of the George
Soros-sponsored MoveOn.org
proudly declared in the New York
Times a witch hunt against anyone
donating to Republicans —
the bigger the target,
the better the aiming.

Tom Mattzie declared he would
send “warning” letters to the top
10,000 GOP givers
“hoping to create a chilling effect
that will dry up contributions”
that are,
of course,
the lifeblood of the GOP since
most of the media is in liberal hands.

“Take no prisoners”
seems to be the modus
operandi at work.


Obama Officials Against Free Speech by maksim maksimovich.





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