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Democratic Dirty Deeds for Election Disorder – Part THREE of FOUR

Dirty Tricks:

.The Next


By Ed Lansky

____October 18th, 2010


____Links are in GREEN

___Part THREE of FOUR


Then we have five Democratic
congressmen who claim in ads
that they voted against the bank
“bailout” when not a single one
of them was even in Congress
when the bill setting up the
Troubled Asset Relief Program
(TARP) was enacted.

The nonpartisan FactCheck.org
noted this gang of five:

At least five freshman
Democratic House members are
running ads claiming they voted
against the bank “bailout,”
when in fact none was in
Congress when the bill setting
up the Troubled Asset Relief
Program, or TARP,
was enacted.

  • Mary Jo Kilroy says she
  • “voted against the bank bailout.”

  • Kathy Dahlkemper says
  • she voted “against a bailout
  • that helped Wall Street.”

  • Frank Kratovil claims to
  • have cast his vote in
  • opposition to “the big bank bailout.”

  • Dina Titus’ ad maintains
  • she “even voted against
  • the bank bailout.”

  • Glenn Nye’s ad tells viewers
  • he went “against his own party”
  • and “voted against the
  • Wall Street bailout.”
The final House vote on the
took place on Oct. 3, 2008.

The bill passed, 263-171.

None of the five lawmakers
who are running these ads is
listed in the roll call vote.

That’s because none of them
had taken office yet —
in fact, none of them would
even be elected for another month.

What’s a little fibbing when
the ends eclipse the means —
when politics takes precedence
over principles?

Fabricating history is no
problem for none other than
Democratic Senator Russ Feingold —
with John McCain,
of the federal finance regime that
was supposed to encourage honesty
and transparency.

Feingold is in the fight for his
political life in Wisconsin against
Republican businessman Ron Johnson.

Feingold has been running radio
ads claiming that Johnson is soft
on gun rights;
Feingold also said to reporters
that he had been among the
“true leaders in fighting for a
greater right to bear arms.”

That would be a surprise
to the National Rifle Association,
which has given him a big fat “F”
and “D” during the last two
reelection efforts
(this year,
the NRA endorsed Johnson).

The prospects must be very bad
indeed for Feingold, one of the
more liberal members of the Senate,
to be trolling among gun-owners
for votes.

The scorched earth practices
of the Democrats are in full gear
in the final stretch towards their
being taken to the woodshed.

The National Review took note
of the sordid nature of the attacks
in a column Five Foul Lies
that began memorably:

Domestic violence.

Promoting prostitution.

Impoverishment of the elderly.

Higher unemployment.

Drug dealing.

These are the values that
inspire and drive Republican
politicians  —
at least according to the
barrage of Democratic attack
ads airing this election season.

Faced with voters unenthusiastic
about (or downright hostile to)
legislation passed by the
Democratic majority in the
past two years — notably,
President Obama’s health-care
plan and the stimulus bill —
Democratic politicians are
resorting to ads that paint
Republican opponents as
out-of-touch lunatics.

In one example cited,
Washington Democratic Senator
Patty Murray ran an ad regarding
a tanker competition between
foreign-owned Airbus and local
employer Boeing,
featuring the question “
Should Boeing workers have
a level playing field?”
The ad cut to a clip of Republican c
hallenger Dino Rossi,
Not as far as I am concerned.”

What was the problem?
Rossi was answering a
different question,
and Murray’s machinations led
to some creative cutting and
pasting that constituted
blatant dishonesty.



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