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Sony Kills Cassette Walkman





By Liz Goodwin

___October 25th, 2010

Another iconic technological device
has been banished to the dustbin of
Sony will no longer produce its Walkman
cassette player due to dismal sales.

The final batch of the portable tape
players was shipped from Japan in April,

A Chinese company will continue
to produce a few models for the
Walkman faithful,

Sony has sold about 220 million Walkman
devices since the gadget’s explosive
1979 debut,
steadily yielded market share to portable
CD players and then eventually MP3
symbolized by Apple’s no-less-iconic iPod.

(Sony will continue to
make portable CD players.)

Apple founder Steve Jobs,
who helped introduce the iPod,
was evidently very impressed with
the Walkman when he first saw
one 25 years ago.

“I remember Akio Morita gave
Steve and me each one of the first
Sony Walkmans,”

“None of us had ever seen anything
like that before because there had
never been a product like that.

This is 25 years ago and Steve

was fascinated by it.

The first thing he did with his was
take it apart and he looked at every
single part.

How the fit and finish was done,
how it was built.”

The iPod has already outsold the
Walkman since its debut in 2001,
Sony uses the Walkman name
for its new MP3 players.

in another blow to connoisseurs
of outmoded technologies,
the company also announced in April
that it would no longer make floppy disks.




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