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Kelsey Grammer and Kayte Walsh picnic Big Apple

Kelsey Grammer took his

girlfriend Kayte Walsh for

a romantic picnic October 22nd.

They recently suffered the pain

of losing their unborn baby,

The U.K. Daily Mail reports

October 23rd, 2010.

Kelsey Grammer

baby heartbreak

Mail Online

But it seems their shared

heartache has brought Kelsey

Grammer and girlfriend Kayte

Walsh even closer.

The Frasier star and his girlfriend

enjoyed a romantic picnic in

New York yesterday,

on the scenic Highline

above the city.

The pair walked side by side,

with Grammer carrying

their picnic basket.

Grammer and air hostess

Kayte released a joint statement

on the weekend confirming she

had miscarried six weeks ago.

In the statement they thanked

people for their condolences,

saying they needed time

to ‘heal’.

‘We lost our unborn child

about six weeks ago,’

the short statement said.

‘We would like to thank

all of those who expressed

kindness and concern but we

needed a little time to heal,

time to find some solace

before we publicly

acknowledged our loss.’


The Daily Mail broke the

story back in August that

Grammer, 55, and Walsh, 29,

were expecting a baby together.

And the couple confirmed

the reports a few weeks



Grammer publicly voiced his

happiness with his new lady

at The Romantics film premiere

in New York, saying:

‘We are really happy

and in love.’

______Kelsey Grammer, wife, daughter, Fame premiere

“We’re looking for a new

apartment together in New

York but we haven’t found

a place yet.

We’re waiting for

the perfect place.”


Grammer and his estranged wife,

former Playboy model Camille

Donatacci have two daughters

together, Mason,

8, and Jude, 5.

She filed for divorce from him

earlier this year and is now

set to star on the Real

Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Speaking on Entertainment

Tonight yesterday she revealed

that she and Grammer are

no longer speaking.

“I hope that we can become

friends so that we can co-parent,

but right now we don’t speak.”

The actor also has

two older daughters,

Spencer, and Greer,

from previous relationships.



_____Poor Camille.

Link in GRAY below

Did BRAVO edit

Real Housewives

of Beverly Hills

to make Camille

Donatacci Grammer

the Season

One Villain?

Link in GREEN below

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